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Post Sun Oct 24, 2021 4:52 am

Orcophony by Karoryfer Samples $59 intro price until December 6th, $99 regular price. Sample library of a fantasy orc orchestra.

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Post Sun Oct 24, 2021 8:11 am

New Loops Big Halloween Sale! :borg: :borg: :borg:

30% off all packs, + get an extra 30% off orders over £39. :party:

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Post Sun Oct 24, 2021 8:02 pm

60% off almost all EastWest and $400 off Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Diamond:

EastWest Fab Four $119.60
EastWest Ghostwriter $119.60
EastWest Goliath $119.60
EastWest Gypsy $119.60
EastWest Hollywood Backup Singers $119.60
EastWest Hollywood Choirs Diamond $239.60
EastWest Hollywood Choirs Gold $199.60
EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Diamond $595.00
EastWest Hollywood Pop Brass $119.60
EastWest Ministry of Rock $119.60
EastWest Ministry of Rock 2 $119.60
EastWest Pianos Bechstein D-280 Platinum $79.60
EastWest Pianos Bosendorfer 290 Platinum $79.60
EastWest Pianos Gold $119.60
EastWest Pianos Platinum $159.60
EastWest Pianos Steinway D Platinum $79.60
EastWest Pianos Yamaha C7 Platinum $79.60
EastWest ProDrummer Volume 1 & 2 Mark Spike Stent Joe Chicarelli $119.60
EastWest ProDrummer Volume 1 Mark "Spike" Stent $79.60
EastWest ProDrummer Volume 2 Joe Chiccarelli $79.60
EastWest RA $119.60
EastWest SD2 Stormdrum 2 Pro Bundle $119.60
EastWest SD3 Stormdrum 3 $119.60
EastWest Silk $119.60
EastWest Spaces II $159.60
EastWest Symphonic Choirs Gold $119.60
EastWest Symphonic Choirs Platinum Plus Bundle with VOTA $159.60
EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold $159.60
EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Platinum $199.60
EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus $239.60
EastWest The Dark Side $119.60
EastWest Voices of Opera $119.60
EastWest Voices of Passion $119.60
EastWest Voices of Soul $119.60
EastWest Voices Of The Empire $119.60

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Post Sun Oct 24, 2021 8:59 pm

Get iZotope Ozone Elements for FREE. Today is the last day: ... _from_date

Get essential mastering tools with Ozone Elements. Enjoy intelligent DSP, the improved Imager, Ozone’s Maximizer, and the intelligent Master Assistant. Explore the future of mastering with Ozone Elements.

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Post Mon Oct 25, 2021 12:12 am

70% Off VALVES by AudioThing

For only $9 (normally $59), get VALVES – a vintage tube emulation plugin by AudioThing!

With up to 16x oversampling, VALVES can be used to add that authentic tube character to your tracks.

Using the built-in Cabinet/EQ section you can emulate several types of guitar amplifiers and further shape the overdrive sound. The state variable filter features LowPass, HighPass, BandPass, and Notch modes. It can be used pre or post valve.

Instantly download VALVES for only $9 (normally $59)! Limited time offer, hurry and save!

Deal page:
Deal ends on Nov 7th, 2021 at midnight eastern time

  • Tube Overdrive
  • 8 cabinets with Bass and Treble EQ
  • State Variable Filter: LP, HP, BP, and Notch (2 or 4-pole)
  • 16x Oversample
  • 35 Presets
  • Resizable Window
  • Preset system with randomizer
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 2GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, VST2, VST3, or AAX (64-bit)
  • OS X 10.9 – macOS 11, 2GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, VST2, VST3, AU, or AAX (64-bit), Universal 2 Binary
There's always a hot deal cooking at Audio Plugin Deals! Check out the latest deals here:

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Post Mon Oct 25, 2021 5:08 am

Sign up for free monthly sounds at Sound Flux ->

Instant access to already available 150+ samples, 130+ wavetables and 250+ presets for 10 plugins in total.
Latest addition: 15 presets for Serum | Sound libraries for: Massive X, Pigments, Vital, Razor, Kontour and more | Sound Design Stream - new sounds every month | Free sounds → Sound Flux

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Post Mon Oct 25, 2021 7:17 am

Last week of the IK Multimedia group buy 2021. Buy one product, and get 24 – TWENTY-FOUR – more products for free:

Now you can also buy many different hardware units from their iRig series as entry points. It's truly the best deal this year!

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Post Mon Oct 25, 2021 11:12 am

Brian Funk has released Halloween Theremin, free Ableton Live pack. Requires Ableton Live Suite 11 or above.

(Plenty of freebies on the site.)
"Not only do we make the music...the music makes us"

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Post Mon Oct 25, 2021 11:59 am

50% off all Kilohearts snap-in plugins, including 10 for $9.50 each: ... _from_date

40% off AudioThing The Orb formant filter, now $29 instead of $49:

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Post Mon Oct 25, 2021 3:17 pm

VSTBuzz: 85% off “Echoes – Analog Echo Box” by Nomad Factory. Normally €112, now only €17. More information at ... d-factory/ - Up to 99% off one sample library or plugin every single week!

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Post Mon Oct 25, 2021 7:57 pm

FREE play instrument from native instrument to celebrate the 25 year anniversary.

Explore and experiment with a time capsule of classic sounds from the NI vault – from GENERATOR to MASSIVE X – only available until December 31.

Pair up two sound sources, then sculpt them into something new with intuitive macro mapping and a powerful FX section.

Uncover 150 brand-new takes on 25 years of pads, leads, basses, and more from 37 classic instruments. ... enty-five/

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Post Mon Oct 25, 2021 8:01 pm

Pulsar Audio - All Four products on sale until end October.

Air Creative FX Collection Plus Now $29 until Nov 2.

Plug & Mix Multi-Tap Delay Just $19 until Nov 2.

Flux Syrah. now 89 $49.00 until Nov 2.

All eligible for our Buy more - Cash back offer.

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Post Tue Oct 26, 2021 9:14 am

Synth Bus Lite
Free for limited time with code OCTOBER2021
Currently trying to turn noise into music. :neutral: Is boutique the new old?

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Post Tue Oct 26, 2021 2:40 pm

Up to 70% off Krotos voice transformers, now $29.70 for Simple Monster or $199.50 for Duhumaniser 2: ... _from_date

Up to 60% off all Pulsar Audio compressors and delay, starting at $19: ... _from_date

50% off Flux Syrah creative dynamics processor, now $49 instead of $99:

70% off Air Music Tech Creative FX Collection Plus, now $29 instead of $99: ... ction-plus

70% off Nomad Factory British Bundle, now $29 instead of $99: ... undle-v1-2

50% off Plug & Mix Multi-Tap delay, now $19 instead of $39:

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Post Tue Oct 26, 2021 3:03 pm

44% off AudioThing Springs reverb, now $39 instead of $69: ... _from_date

Springs features emulations from 11 types of spring reverbs, ranging from a long 6-spring pipe to a tiny battery-powered single-spring unit. We have used a combination of convolution and modelling to recreate the vintage character of each reverb.

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