Bazille 12092 install and using -e

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Post Mon Nov 29, 2021 5:14 pm


Had to remove bash's -e in order to proceed:

Do you agree the license's terms? [y/n] y

cp: cannot overwrite non-directory '/home/user/.u-he/Bazille/Tunefiles' with directory 'Bazille/Tunefiles'

# With the default -e it would exit here

Bazille's data were installed to /home/user/.u-he/Bazille
The VST has been installed in: /home/user/.vst/u-he
The VST3 has been installed in: /home/user/.vst3/u-he/Bazille.vst3

Have fun with Bazille and thank you for installing u-he software!

# Cheers

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