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Heckmann Audio GmbH

Wilmersdorfer Str. 98/99
10629 Berlin
May 22
RT @New_Loops_Audio: @future_music, @plugindeals @uheplugins New Zebra sound bank released - https://t.co/g2Ll9hzkV1 - Free Demo Presets
May 15
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Berlin-based audio software company u-he was founded in 2001 by Urs Heckmann. Originally a one-man show, the company recently evolved into a tightly-knit team of employees, active associates and 3rd-party contractors – with ambitious plans.

Especially well known for the Zebra2 software synthesizer, u-he has developed several other successful products over the last decade, and regularly contributes freeware to popular magazines (available as download or on cover discs).

Despite their underlying complexity, u-he synthesizers and effects are widely acclaimed for their ease of use. This is often attributed to Urs Heckmann's background as industrial designer. Heckmann sees the seemingly unconventional decision to start an audio software company as a direct result of his equal love for industrial design and for synthesizers.

Most recently, u-he has been exploring concepts for analogue synthesizers, and the first results can be heard in the software synths ACE (audio-rate modulation paths) and Diva (highly accurate simulation of electronic circuitry).

Dan Worrall introduces Repro-1 and gives an overview of the features and functionality.

Repro-1 is a reverent emulation of a famous vintage synth. All the quirks and personality of the original captured using component-level modelling for a truly authentic analogue sound. A classic design with fierce capabilities: two-pattern step sequencer, self-oscillating filter, arpeggiator, a unique modulation section, five stomp-box effects... and proudly mono like the original.

Repro-1 info and demo available: u-he.com/repro-1

View more videos at www.kvraudio.com/video/u-he


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