Arranger/Accompanient VST for live improvised playing?

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I look further for additional arranger/accompanient VST instruments for live playing by improvising.
Here I expect automatic bass and chord sequences and rhythm/beats during live playing.
I would like to prevent programming/designing in advance. The available performance sets should mostly already finished for instant live playing.
My wished genres: Chill Out (lounge), Funk, Soul/RnB, Soul-Jazz, Jazz-Rock.
I don't need techno, rave and so on :-)
The following VST instruments, which can do that, I already have in use:
- Transfuser
- Korg Triton extreme (emulation of hardware workstation)
- Nexus
- Omnisphere
- The Orchestra

Real Band/Band-In-A-Box and e.g. ChordPulse seems not really the solution I'm looking for. The sounds and genres not really matching; mostly sounds like older entertainment keyboards. Also direct live playing and improvsing after selecting a performance seems not be possible.
There are some other solutions by using Google, but most of them are coming with a desktop solution without a VST version in order to use in my daw.

The emulation of the Korg Triton is great, cause it includes also the accompanient performances.
I wonder, that this obvouisly is the only emulated workstation including accompanient performances. I have a lot of other emulated synthesizers/workstations. But they don't have any accompanient performances.

Do you know any other VST instruments (not desktop applications or standalone solutions) for using in DAW's, which are comparable to the above named VST and match my genres and have already ready-to-play performances?

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Post Thu Dec 02, 2021 5:52 am

It might not be the perfect solution for you, but you could take a look at ReChord.

As you mentioned, you would not like to work much on the styles, so you would prefer good ready-to-use accompaniments. On the other side, ready-to-use styles come with ready-to-use sounds, with which you might or not be happy with. Same goes probably for the arrangements.

Maybe there will never be a perfect solution, and one has to make some tradeoff between ready-to-use and suitable, and making things suitable often means making them yourself.

ReChord is far from the ready-to-use side, as it has no accompaniments included. Instead, it is probably a great way to make your own styles, directly in your DAW. With your DAW's editor you are familiar with, exactly how you usualy write music, and with your collection of virtual instruments. You do not have to start from scratch, any existing MIDI content will do, and ReChord makes a style out of it.

You can check how it works and see if it suits you.

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You can try Callisto. It doesn't comes with a pack of styles, but you can make your own styles and connect it to your favorate vstis as sound generators.

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Giglad from Deltarray

Actually yes this:
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