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Hello mystran,

I want to build a circuit simulation external for pure-data, where you can set a circuit by inputting the netlist as a message. You can then use signals from pd to change voltages or resistances, I thought that could create a lot of interesting possibilities. I was wondering if I have your blessing to use the source code of Halite as a starting point, found here: ... halite.cpp
You will of course be credited!

I was also wondering if you have any plans for the Salt source code, I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in something like that, and unfortunately there is no way to acquire Salt right now.

edit: Forgot to mention but this project will obviously be free/open-source


There is the original thread for Halite is here: viewtopic.php?p=6984103#p6984103

I don't mind if people use the code, but keep in mind the Halite is not terribly efficient as it was written as "educational" software to demonstrate how circuit simulation can be done, more so than how to do it fast (which would have made the code a lot more confusing).

As for Salt, I don't know what I'm going to do with that yet.


Cool, thanks! I've replaced the solver with KLU, which makes the performance decent (but as you mentioned, it could be better).

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