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Seems like it has been years. I just have a simple question.

Have you ceased development. I am a Pro beta user and haven't seen a update in years. I just want to know if there will be any further development in the future the version 1.0?


Hey there,

Let's just say it's been rough years. From health issues, personal losses, and economic hardship to loss of a business partner and having to traverse rocky roads in general this covers pretty much everything.

However, the project is still alive and right now I'm doing what I can to keep it like that. Most of it has been progressing slowly, some parts of the project have been growing internally in interesting ways.

There have been several updates on the more private side (0.9.4) available to testers, users on my Discord, and so forth and I suggest you have a look at this updated welcome page (and the download link it contains). This version is not available on the website:

Being a small business with big ideas but tiny resources is not just hard, but crippling, as in wanting to deliver vision and quality and not wanting to rip off users with subscriptions, analytics, and other bs, yet not having the financial means to grow. It seems like there are only two ways: market and pretend (I used to do this for other business in the past, and I hate every part about it, mainly when you know the product is a lie), and be honest and straight about it. One of those makes money, the other makes people take things for granted. Where is the healthy middle ground? Not sure.

Being randomly flagged by AV software as malicious is also a very big issue developers who are trying to protect their software, which ineviatably leads to encryption, which then again leads to misinterpreted byte patterns. Each build and version of a program can lead to arbitrary results. Ironically buying overpriced digital code signing certificates (that let you basically track me down to my doorstep) do not change any of this. More on this topic:

Generally I'm flexible and open to ideas, collaborations and working with other businesses as the positive feedback towards this project is still enormous and drowns most of the negative aspects.

Group buys and donations help on the financial side:

I'd like to invite everyone who wants to have a talk with me personally to my Discord. Message me there anytime:

I hope this update is worth something to you, and possibly others. Thank you very much for keeping using this project. A project that has swallowed up a decade of my life so far and received a lot of love while doing so, and hopefully will in the future.

Cheers, Tom
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