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Post Thu Feb 02, 2023 5:25 pm

sp00k wrote: Wed Feb 01, 2023 11:51 am thank you! it works great, love it!
That's great to hear, thanks! Any detailed feedback you have will be greatly appreciated too :)

Meanwhile I'm back to making music with it, so these updates will be getting more meaningful both in terms of features and bug/QoL issues found and fixed. Feels like a proper release is not too far off. ... g/v8.0-b15

Note expressions editor
* Now self-activated when steps are held, no longer need to press TUNE
* Added single row mode, control one parameter for all notes in a row (just like in Bitwig's clip editor)
* Nudging a note will shorten it if it bumps into the next note, instead of bumping the next note
* Duration adjustments are limited to a single step (so it won't clobber the next note)
* Added parameter popup notifications
Step sequencer
* Added pattern page bank selectors for accessing up to 64 pages (via SHIFT-SCENE)
* Added quick clip selector (hold STEP)
* Pattern page follow disabled when holding steps
* Previous slider mode auto-restores after expressions editor

* Fixed: step size and pattern scroll position could be set improperly when switching tracks
* Fixed: currently playing pages no longer blink for non-playing clips

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Post Thu Feb 09, 2023 5:25 pm ... g/v8.0-b16

Step sequencer fixes and improvements

* Updated color scheme for alternarting note rows: now it's the note itself that gets the color instead of the background, looks much better
* Fixed regression in quick clip selector activation, could break switching between STEP mode and clip matrix
* Fixed regression in pattern page follow while holding steps, condition was flipped
* Fixed quick clip selector colors, was showing empty scene clips as white
* Fixed SHIFT button forgetting its normal bindings in step mode

Other fixes

* Fixed SONG button indicator for superscene mode, was not lighting up
* REC+GROUP to arm multiple tracks won't trigger transport record unless you mean it (with a single short press of REC)

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