Bitwig Extension for Livid Code - all 64 encoder with no paging for project remote control ( since API 18 )



Hey together I wrote a Bitwig Extension in order to us all 64 Encoders of the livid Code at once for controlling all sorts of mappapable Params without paging. It supports bidirectional led feedback.

Here are Videos for install and usage:

1) Get extension here: ... es/release
2) Put it in your local extension folder, e.g.: C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\Bitwig Studio\Extension

follow this video and the first part für installation and usage example!

- sorry for quality and dirty pc screen :shrug:

Use this Bitwigextension in order to make the Livid Code a fully bidirectional projectwide remote control for bitwig Stiudio ( Api 18 and higher)

This script supports the the Livid Instruments Code Controller ( Factory Preset 1 ) but can be used with other controllers to. As this is just the beginngin of this project there is no external configuration yet, so your controller has to be: from 1 - 32 knobs, Sending CC on Channel 1, where the upper left knob is ccNum 1 and the last knob hast to be ccNum 32, all absolute mode.

Have fun!


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Nice to see that little hack with more than 8 remotes works for you. The controller looks interesting, sad I can't find where to buy it where I live.


Yeah but I wrote the LED-Update myself and possibly there is something already possible by the Framework itself which I haven't used because the way I did it is working good enough for me. An user wrote me because he just found my repository but didn't know how to use it. Than I thought why not putting it here too if someone wants finds it usefull as well :-)

The controller itself is from the great company "Livid Instruments" the device is Code V2. Sadly the CEO and I guess main driver behind the controllers got ill and the company hasn't been continued.

You can still use the extension without altering the code if you follow these rules:
1 - 32 knobs, Sending CC #1 - #32 on Channel 1, where the upper left knob is ccNum 1 and the last knob hast to be ccNum 32, all in "absolute mode"

If you have a controller which has only 16 knobs, than these have to be each on channel 1, from cc number 1 to 16. Then in Bitwig one has to setup only 2 Project Remote Pages ( tag 1, tag 2). It should work with lots of controllers, maybe watch the 2nd Video I posted here along this description.

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