Guitar transcription for Subdivisions by Rush?

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Anyone have that transcribed and not in Tab format? I can read music, but the tab stuff is confusing as I don't play guitar. I am recreating the song in my DAW and only need the guitar part for it.

I figured out all of the drums, most of the bass and synths, and about half of the guitar solo part, but that's about it

Thanks ahead of time :)


In guitar pro you can turn off tablature display and turn on standard notation. It's on the right hand side where track information is shown.

Or you could simply export the file as a standard midi file and read in the daw/midi score player of your choice.

Or you could simply download the .mid file and open it in your daw and select the track then view in the score window
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Thanks. 😎 I don’t have Guitar Pro, but I will check out the MIDI file and see how it is.


You could import the midi to Reaper and view the staff.
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Yep thanks, I use Cakewalk which has a staff view also.

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