Energxy midi tools, cant find, somascanner? aslo jack dark plugins?

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I remeber using these tools that i would use in energyxt, it was a list of midi utilities, one i remember was called soma scanner, it basically was a vsts scanner, they made one for audio and for midi. there was another one that was like 8 lfos,

another set of vsts i cant seem to find are made by jack dark, they had this one called glitch jockey, Ive spent 3 days searching for them, but please forgive me, im a bit on the retarded spectrum when it comes to searching for old lost vst artifacts.

also any suggestions of tools i can use with hopes of building some generative type stuff, would be super awesome!

please help this sad dummy dumb sap! i hate feeling like such trash, i need music in my midsts. ty you so kindly, i promise to return favor in the forum and pay homage.

ty guys!!!!!!


The only site for experimental amp sim freeware & MIDI FX: http://runbeerrun.blogspot.com
https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCprNcvVH6aPTehLv8J5xokA -Youtube jams


bro ty you so much! what about the 8lfo or the soma midi scanner? i still cant find that stuff. ty you so much for blessing me dude!!!!!!!!!!! wow im so happy rn!!!!! hahahaha. yesh!!!! back to making music.


Some energyxt stuff here


thanks HMA, your a godsend, ive been meaning to get my set up back. thanks

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