Name of a Shimmering Sound Effect from Classic Video Games

How to make that sound...


Hello Everyone,

I'm intrigued by a particular sound effect frequently used in classic video games...
it's a shimmering sound that gently appears and fades . This effect has a unique characteristic, and I'm sure there's a specific name for it, though I dont know it.

For those interested in helping you can hear it in this Youtube video at the timestamp of 3:03.
Does anyone here know the technical name of this shimmering sound effect?


Video Opens rights away at Effect Location (3:03)


wind chimes?


sqigls wrote: Sat Apr 20, 2024 5:23 pmwind chimes?
close...but perhaps yes. :wink:

It's a short stroke/jiggle on bar-chimes... solid bars, not tubes, like most "wind-chimes".

23-bar Single-row Classic Chime.png
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Haven't listened, but the thing in the picture is called a Mark Tree (also known as a nail tree, chime tree, or set of bar chimes)
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