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bmanic wrote: Sat May 18, 2024 1:20 am Good to hear! However, did you try Attack 0.3ms and get equal effortless loudness and tamed peaks?

That's the key here. At longer attack times, most of the SSL compressors work just like the hardware, well sort of.. however at shorter attack times it gets much more difficult and unstable (or as some would say "grainy"). That's what impresses me with Cenozoix. Though to be fair, I haven't compared it to a hardware unit as I don't have access to one at the moment. I suspect the hardware would possibly choke at these settings too so I'm not saying Cenozoix SSL algorithm is realistic, I'm just thoroughly impressed by how little damage it does to the audio. It seems to have very clever program dependent behavior, ideal for complex signals and thus ideal for busses.

To be fair though, if you want _the_ SSL behavior that most seek, it's pretty much universally used with either 10ms or 30ms attack and 100ms, 300ms or Auto releases, 95% of the time. :)

Personally I've always loved the shorter attack times on the SSL compressors. I always used something else for "smack" and "punch".
ah yes, i get your point. I havent tested the shortest Attacks with the Softube Bus Processor yet. For the shortest attack times i usually grab fircomp2 (which can be also set to mimick an ssl) or DC8C but i will give it a spin and try.

Unfortunately the ssl comp i have here is the simplified version (alas simplified in exactly the way one usually wants anyway) , with the SSL Six's G-Bus Comp running in Atk 30ms/Rls 0.1, 4:1, so my own hw/software tests are limited to that.

(absolutely loving the SSL six by the way, its like a Swiss Army knife and got also the two channel comps 8-30ms atk / around 300ms release at 2:1, as well as the LMC on board, and with Six's general ultra portable usage, abundance of inserts and returns on D-Sub etc, arguably more flexible than the bigger brother the SSL Big Six)
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