Song for Toddlers - Bit of a left field direction for me... Song 2 - Techno ABC

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Glad to see that you chose a vegetarian dino for the video. I imagine that an Ozraptor or Timimus might inspire less stomping and more running :wink:

From an educational perspective, it was good to see some modern-day dinosaurs appear at 1:28.

It's a catchy little number, and I have to agree with PatchAdamz' suggestion regarding children's TV shows.

Daleks, dinosaurs

"These are words with a D this time"

Good work :)


I only approve of friendly Dinosaurs. No Grandpas were hurt in the making of this video.
The modern Dinosaurs just had to get into the picture, typical magpies always photobombing.
Thanks Tim.
P.S. The Dalek defence has given me an idea...
Music with progressive intent.


Song 2: Techno ABC
Music with progressive intent.


Song 2
Cool! Well done Nice ABC 👍

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