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HyperRig Kiesel


Hi guys,

we are happy to announce to you the release of our newest plugin: HyperRig Kiesel


For over 75 years Kiesel Guitars have redefined excellence in instrument craftsmanship, pushing boundaries and inspiring guitarists worldwide.

With our combined passion for tone, playability and sonic excellence, Kiesel and PolyChrome DSP set out to blow your wildest imagination of how your guitar can sound and feel, using a single plugin.

Featuring HyperTune - a giant leap forward in transposing - you can now transpose your guitar (and other instruments) with a response that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before.
Grab your axe and experience the sonic vision of Kiesel Guitars.

Launch Video

HyperRig Kiesel Overview

HyperRig Kiesel Deep Dive

  • 3 Amplifiers (Maple, Carbon and InFusion).
  • 2 Overdrive Pedals.
  • Compressor Pedal.
  • Bi-Mode Chorus Pedal (Classic or Swirl).
  • 15 Speaker Chains.
  • 3 Custom IR Slots.
  • Speakers Tone Shaping (Resonance, Air, Lo/Hi Cut).
  • Speakers Room Simulation.
  • 9 Band Graphic EQ Pedal with Pre/Post switch.
  • 4 Band Mastering EQ Pedal.
  • Delay Pedal with 3 modes (Standard, Pong, Wide).
  • Lush Reverb Pedal.
  • HyperTune Transposer.
  • Gate.
  • Stereo Widener.
  • Global Input / Output controls for gain staging.
  • Over 300+ and growing presets.
  • MIDI Mapping.
  • Tuner.
  • Resizable Interface.
Price: $129 + taxes (applied on checkout)

If you own a Kiesel guitar, enter your serial number on checkout to get a 20% off discount.
If you already own McRocklin Suite, you will find your discount in the User Area.

More info: https://www.polychromedsp.com/


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