What would you like to see added to (or improved upon) with Diva?

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Supercollider wrote: Tue May 28, 2024 1:50 pm However, I'm a bit underwhelmed by these Softube synth plugins after the fact.
Model 82 and 84 sound perfect. Yes, a lot could have been done to expand their usefulness but they replace the hardware better than anything else. Model 80 is a different story and I agree with you there, the 5-voice polyphony is unacceptable when Repro's sound is on the same level.


Interestingly, the Model 80 to me is the best sounding of the lot and it is the one I use second most (only the Model 72 I use more).
I wasn't even a big Prophet 5 fan back in the day.
Yes more than 5-voices would be great, but because I know that limitation I only use it for chores that don't require more than 5 voices.

To the topic: Wow you guys do have lots of FR.. Mine are way more simple... more models, and since the repro sounds better than Diva, I know their modeling techniques have improved, so improved models of what is there now. But I would echo the much expanded Sequencer/Arp too.
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pocvecem wrote: Tue May 28, 2024 7:16 am Sorry for somewhat ot.

There's also a plugmon MONA spin-off skin for Tyrell for free.

Wow lovely :o
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