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Thanks jmg8.

I noticed something with your Infinite Riser (MCombMB) preset - When I hit the Edit button to look at it only one band is in motion. In order to have all 4 bands move, I find that I need to turn the Mods off and then on again....and THEN they are no longer evenly spaced. Am I approaching this preset wrong?

I'll have a look at the Always Rising preset you made, thanks.


You have to have play active in your DAW. Not sure why, but the mods phase position will only update upon playback.
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Ahhhhh....interesting to know. Thanks. I was going nuts trying to sync the bands by sight!


Can we start a discord channel to share PRESET , IDEA for MXXX and MSoundfactory ?

and is their a place we can buy nice preset done from other people ?

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