FREE efm - Single Cycle v0.71 - mp3 Demo + 40 Samples

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_added more samples - files size is up to 8.9Meg!
_made a demo

This is 12 instances of singlecycle (rendered midi tracks) in XT2. No effects were used, although maybe I should have compressed the drums. 100% singlecycle.


_Fixed retrigger mode - So pianos work
_Added some more samples (20 now) - File size went up to 5.5Meg :hihi:

That wasn't too bad at all. Maybe I'll add some more samples tonight.

I couldn't just leave it like that. :)

_Fixed sample offset, root-C is now root-C.. :roll:

To use a sample with a different root than C, use the tune control to offset the pitch.

_New GUI
_Included a few samples

The path for samples is....
(C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins\EFM\efm-singlecycle\samples\)
or you'll need to find the samples on your own.

I might do some more samples ... maybe..
I also might include an effects page... if I get around to it.

I had this laying around on my HD and thought somebody might be able to use it. You can ignore the sample player if you like and it can be still be used as a simple on-screen midi keyboard. Special thanks to EVM for the keyboard graphics.

Although I have only tried 16-bit/44.1, Dave says the sampler module plays 16-bit and 24-bit stereo and mono PCM WAVE files recorded at any sample rate. It may still need a little tweaking, please post bug reports here.

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Thanks Tom! 8)


thanks Tom, i love cheesy little samplers, they are some of the coolest toys ever!
thumbs up!
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Cool! Thanks


i love cheesy little samplers
Me too!! :D Or perhaps more to the point....I LIKE CHEEZ!! :hihi:

Thanks Tom!! :)

Cheers.....CL :oops:
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Hi guys :)

Thanks and enjoy the new version.


hi tom - nice vacation :hihi:
as always, I really appreciate your stuff! thanks again.


ouroboros wrote:hi tom - nice retirement :hihi:
as always, I really appreciate your stuff! thanks again.
It was just laying there half done and well.... You know I can't stop, I've got a pile of half done crap. I could have picked anything...:wink: I'm still not finished with the task(s) at hand. At some point soon I'll be forced to stay away for a while. So I though it would be a good time to get away. :shrug:

I've got 3 months of remodeling work to do on my home, a studio to build and some medical work to be done on me.... When I was a kid nobody that knew me would have bet 2 cents on it but despite my best efforts to die young a leave a good looking corpse, I'm getting a little old and ugly. :-o

To be honest, I don't think I've missed a day of lurking and it's been all I could do to keep from posting... I'm determined to at least stay in my own threads for the duration... So... We'll see how that works out... :hihi:


thanks tom !



vista wrote:thanks tom !

You're welcome. More to come...


I dig it!
..what goes around comes around..


ouroboros wrote:I dig it!
I did a demo.. reminds me of the MT32 but it sounds better. :hihi:

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