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Post Fri Aug 29, 2008 12:50 pm

We are pleased to announce together with Computer Music Magazine the release of Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst CM Edition. This new spectrum analysis plugin is exclusively available for free in the latest issue of Computer Music Magazine (CM 130), which also includes a tutorial to get started with the plugin.

"[Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst CM] is a super-slick frequency analyser for Windows PC in VST/DX formats. It offers average, instant and peak modes, curve comparison functionality, and lots more. If you're serious about perfecting your tracks, FreqAnalyst CM will give you invaluable insight into what's really going on in your mixes."

When installing the plugin you will be asked a code to enable the stereo analysis. You can obtain this code by registering Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst CM.

If you already own the magazine and you are looking for complementary analysis tools, check out our other audio analysis plugins!

Feel free to discuss this topic in this thread.
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Post Thu Sep 11, 2008 6:07 pm


Get your shit together. A case-sensitive URL in ComputerMusic? Sorry but that's plain stupid. You just lost 75% of your registrations.

And your registration dialog box? Have you ACTUALLY tried cutting & pasting from your web page (Firefox 3.01) to your dialog box? See how the extra spaces screw things up? And why doesn't the delete (not backspace) key work?

Thanks for the software, but losing an hour screwing around with your sloppiness pisses me off. I'm taking a dim view of your product before I've even been able to launch it. Should things get glitchy (Sonar 7/Winxp), I'll be certain suspect your code first.

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Post Thu Sep 11, 2008 9:40 pm


thank you for your feedback. Really sorry about that. The website has been modified to support lower case urls as well. Our mistake.

The backspace key should indeed work, if not, this is a bug we have not noticed when releasing the product on DVD. We'll see with CM how it can be updated to correct this issue. We will also modify the registration box to automatically remove spaces. Again, our mistake.

We are really sorry for this bad first experience and hope you will be satisfied with the product. Thanks again for helping us improve the customer experience.


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