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Free Amp
Reviewed By nonewwavenofun
March 8, 2020

It sounds okay, but never more than that - won't confuse it with an actual amp. You can achieve better clean, driven and lead sounds with other free amp VSTs: e.g. Amplitube Custom Shop, Cypress TT-15 and Crunck V2. The CPU load isn't great either, which means I wouldn't reach for it to do low-CPU live tracking before switching it out for something else (I prefer Cypress TT-15 or the Simulanalog Guitar Suite amps for that).

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MB-7 Mixer
Reviewed By GRUMP
December 14, 2019

Blue Cat themselves say that you can Split Audio into several Bands and mix + process them as you want. OK. That sounds quiet harmless to me. But this Tool is - i. m. O. - a little bit more than that. Splitting the Audio is fine and MB-7 is the "Missing Link" anyway. It may improve your Sound like you would maybe not have expected and help you find Problems you did not hear before. But - to make it short - this aweseome Tool really multiplies the Abilities of you Environment.

By the Way: is has built in FX, loads VST FX, you can group Bands, it can be automated, it has a Spectrogram, can process the Stereo width, it has a very comfortable GUI, many Settings, ... It is a unique (!) Plugin and a big Improvement for my Workflow.

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Crafters Pack
Reviewed By Eine Alte Oma
October 6, 2019

plug'n script is the best plugin ever for learning how to code plugins. you won't get very far performance-wise, but you isntantly get started without any knowledge about coding and learn all the important basics and the presets are just great ressources for learning how to code in general.

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Reviewed By alienimplant
March 13, 2019

Uh, this thing is incredible. Watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK7xSpQ6Wqg. Basically, multiply the number of guitars you have by at least 10. Using this in tandem with my favorite amp (Neural DSP NTS), cab (IK Amplitube cabs), and combos (UAD Fender & Marshall) sims... is a bit too much fun. Grab it while it's still 30% off during the intro sale.

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Reviewed By TechFlow
September 9, 2018

Great support, numerous updates that actually improve the product rather than fix it. I had some problems to begin with but customer service @Bluecat came through & I'm blown away by the development of this product. I just realized I left a rant on here from years ago & felt the need to put the record straight. Great job Blue Cat.

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Free Amp
Reviewed By Zig
August 11, 2018

OK, it's free. Thanks BlueCat. While the clean sounds were 'nice', the overdrive sounds were akin to a chainsaw in a plastic box. They were very noisy and the hissing was unbearable. The mid range was boxy and artificial. It was almost as if no cabinet simulator was being used so that I added one which improved the sound quite a bit. Overall, I wasn't convinced. BlueCat make great stuff. But in this case, there are other freeware amp modules that actually do a better job.

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Free Amp
Reviewed By glokraw
July 17, 2018

I love these amps, they have great responsiveness and dynamics, and the gui's.

are simple to use. These are a great start to a home-brew effects chain, .

which can put the BlueCat free plugin collection to good use, providing.

an overview of the quality one might expect from the commercial offerings.

I have used these in win 7, as well as in linux, both as windows versions in wine/windows-Reaper, .

and wrapped by LinVst as linux-native vsts, used in the linux version of Reaper.

I have also used them in win 7 hosted in BlueCat Axiom, as handy sources to.

gainstage, when you become familiar with the capabilities.

I give this five stars, out of five, or 9.8 out of 10, if there more accuracy, .

only because I'm spoiled by certain preset loading systems, but I suspect.

the Free Amp is also a testbed for new capabilities that will appear.

soon in their commercial products.

If someone has Guitar Rig, or the z3ta+ 1.5 effects plugin, .

these amps will be great additions to the effects you have available, .


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Reviewed By glokraw
July 17, 2018

Axiom is one of those rare tools that presents a great tip of the iceberg, and then continues to present greatness as you dive under the surface. To get started, there are six slots for pre amp effects, an amp slot with 22 amps to choose from, and six slots for post effects, with preset load/save for both pre and post choices, as well as a preset selector for Axiom itself.

The effects slots host both your own favorite VST plugins, as well as those provided internally by BlueCat. If you happen choose a preset that makes use of their excellent recent releases, Destructor, and Late Replies, those guis will appear in full form, so you actually have three great products in one.

At this point, there are several routes to explore, all of which are rewarding:

  1. start with the many Axiom presets, and get a grasp of the potentials awaiting.
  2. Use the presets of the three bundled products, in their several section, and enjoy.
  3. cherry pick a relatively bare starting setup, and add your go-to killer-app plugins.
  4. open Destructor after going through the manual, and craft or replicate a special tone.
  5. open Late Replies after going through the manual, and create an wonderful environment or climactic aftermath for your audio input.

A widget of three horizontal blue bars, opens a preset dialog.

I've noticed a lot of the presets load effects that leave an empty slot, where typically some user choice might go, for example, in post effects, compressor in slot 1, slot 2 is empty, and slot three has a reverb. A sign that actual players are involved in making Axiom great.

I give it four stars out of five, only because the preset selection system can be improved, but would give it 9.5 stars out of 10, were the review page set up for more precision. I feel like my purchase is a classic Jaguar at Renault pricing. Try the demo, it drops sound periodically, but you can verify if this three-in-one product meets your needs, and there is even a bundle offering more, for a reasonable price, should you so desire.


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