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List of "Frequent Asked Questions" (FAQ) from DashSignature.com


I have a CreditCard but PayPal won't accept it or I just don't want to use it trought PayPal.

"We are sorry that you had problems with our ordering-system. PayPal today is the most used payment system on the internet, and they have reformulated the whole payment system. (PayPal is an eBay company) It is totaly secure and easy to use. If you still have problems, contact us at sales@dashsignature.com so we can arrange another form of payment that is not on-line."


Why PayPal?

"This is the most used payment option on the Internet. Is fast and secure. PayPal had several changes from the past 2 years. So if you had any "bad" experience with it, you should reconsidered. New users no longer need to wait to place a purchase. Just use your Credit Card and you get the order trough right away. Note: For some countries, they ask for verification numbers, and some they don't. It will depend on the AVS code you input with your order. EG: If you address type and AVS code matches, they approve your order, otherwise, they block it and ask for a verification number. Is all about security. When we used systems that didn't had this option, we got several stolen CCs being used from strange countries. And when we used other systems that does what PayPal do, but without the verification number, some people couldn't order at all. That's why we stick with PayPal. They are an eBay company, and trust me, the largest one for eCommerce payments."


Is my order secured?

"Yes, we use a very secure ordering system. PayPal.com (company that we use) has SSL (Secured Socket Layer) so your credit-card information won't be seen by anyone else but you. We don't even get to see your card information, only your name, email and the ordered product."


What gives if I don't have a credit card or don't want to use PayPal?

"Contact us at orders@dashsignature.com telling from wich country you are from, so we can arrange another form of payment."


How I download the latest version of the softwares I purchased?

"Just LOGIN at http://login.dashsignature.com - you will see the latest files there."


Wich copy-protection scheme your products use?

"After your order is placed, you will receive an email with DOWNLOAD instructions. On the same place you will download the files, you will see a SERIAL number. Once you open the product for the first time, it will ask for this number. That's it, you are ready to go!"


What about future updates? Where I go for download?

"http://login.dashsignature.com - use the TICKET number you got from your order, it doesn't expire."


The program is crashing my computer, why and what should I do?

"We are sorry for the incovenience. We test our programs on several computers and in different ways, but there is allways a chance of something going bad on some type of computers. First be sure that you have the LATEST version of the software, you can check this by LOGIN at http://login.dashsignature.com - it will show the latest files there. If you still have problems with the latest version, contact support@dashsignature.com ASAP and we will deal with it. We can't fix the problem unless you contact us."
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