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NUSofting is dedicated to progressive audio software research. Our product range features software that captures, emulates and expands upon traditional musical instruments, as well as completely future-centric audio applications, creating a rich and varied sound palette which appeals to many different musicians, sound designers, and producers all over the world.

NUSofting is a "one man company", a small company with limited resources but with a strong philosophy in software business. We don't use any copy protection code, serial number, on-line authorization or key file. The product is delivered as a copy of the fully functional version after purchase, while a Demo version is freely downloadable and has few limitations like not being able to save presets.
We fully trust our customers the loyalty and honesty to personally protect our product from unauthorized copying.

Moreover we are happy to use all the help we can get from the community of users, from simple comments to bug reports, sound design and betatesting. And in exchange to that we are committed to maintain prices that are lower than the competitors for similar quality products.

We enjoy making audio software and we hope to spread the joy to our users.

Products by NUSofting

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EMM KnagalisWorld
by NUSofting
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Was $84.00; Save $27.00 until 28 Feb 2021
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ModeloniaSynth (Hybrid)
by NUSofting
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Was $69.00; Save $22.00 until 28 Feb 2021
31% Off

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