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Post Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:16 am

Dear musician / audio technician,

Welcome on the MuTools forum!

While using MuLab and the MUX you might come up with ideas about improving or extending MuLab / MUX. Feel free to post your suggestions here on the forum, that's much appreciated!

At the same time, please understand that MuTools still is a small audio tech company mainly driven by only me. Therefore it is practically impossible for me to discuss each and every feature request (FR), because that would take much too much time, and so this would seriously slow down the actual R&D of new / improved MuTools products. So please don't be disappointed or make false conclusions if i don't reply to your FR specifically. I do evaluate all posts and regularly update the MuLab / MUX wish list with interesting and frequently asked FRs.

That wish list is a long list of FRs, currently almost 2000 lines of text.
Ok, it also contains technical annotations, so it's not 2000 feature requests, but be sure there are many many more ideas and FRs than i can realize. So there it becomes a matter of prioritizing. Whenever i start on a big new product version i go thru the whole wish list, think about all FRs, make relations between them, and make a strategic selection. That selection is influenced by many parameters, one of them is how popular a certain FR is.

So besides whether or not i personally reply on a certain FR, i hope FRs are also discussed by other users, so that FRs get polished and represent the wish of a group of users rather than an individual. That's better for all of us :tu:

Thanks for participating!

Enjoy making music 8)





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