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I wrote about this in the instruments forum but thought I'd discuss the same thing. Initally and for whatever reason I'm not sure, I didn't pay much attention to Dash Signature so for the most part your entire line went unnoticed by me.

Looking back I can kick myself. As a developer Dash meets the requirements I have to even put something on my computer:
1. fair pricing
2. targeted synths
3. good support
4. genuine care of what users want

It's a shame it looks self serving to advertize that. I wanted people to know that I'm reviewing your line in the near future. From my standpoint there is at least one very good thing about every synth made by Dash Signature. This might sound like a fluff piece on this forum but a lot of developers and artists are backing musicFAQ. The goal there is discussing the good guys and trying to build a community there at the site, hopefully earning people's trust in our recomendations.

In any case, I hope to have that article up by May, hopefully sooner. So as a user I wanted to express my thanks and thought others might like to as well. The thing is, I think part of making a company sucessful depends on it's happy customers letting others know.

Maybe that seems corny to some but with the influx of the hardware companies having a poke at the VST market I'm going to live up to my talk and focus on independents that do a great job.

If anyone is interested in doing a detailed review of any of the Dash line, please let me know at x_bruce@yahoo.com, I can use the help as alost all articles, web design and associated work is also my responsibility.

In any case, it's nice to find a independent company that offers such reasonably priced instruments.
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nice post, bruce .. :oops:


And if anyone's interested, my review of Eve is up over at www.traxmusic.org as well.



I must say that this is one of the nicest things I ever saw an user do for a company. :D

Thank you a lot, we sure appreciate.

If you don't mind, I will set this message as "sticky" ;-)

Best Regards, WilliamK and Luigi Felici (aka Liqih)


putte wrote:nice post, bruce .. :oops:
sure was. it's so cool to see dash finally getting the recognition they deserve. i've loved these guys products since day one, and fantastic customer service (ever since the reaktor days) :)


DevonB wrote:And if anyone's interested, my review of Eve is up over at www.traxmusic.org as well.

great review, Devon! :)


[ our review ] is way better!

:hihi: :lol:


I'm backing up my words. Remember, my site is nowhere near finished, but I am creating a virtual mall where users can check out developers and companies who's synths are excellent and their customer service is as well.

Right now it may not mean much but the only people at the virtual mall meet that criteria. I just put up a page that uses Dash Signature as an example of how the store stays looking like musicFAQ but contains Dash's printed information (I got the ok first, but I thought I'd spring the beginnings first.

btw, there are many more participants that didn't give me their ok until after this version of the site. Hopefully one day our word will mean something and be of use to the developers we appreciate.

William, Luigi, I hate admitting I do dumb things but it happens. I'm glad to associate with your company and look forward to reviewing several synths in your line.

Had I known that there would be two of us working the site and writing copy I probably wouldn't have announced so soon, so instead I'm letting people know what's going on and what to expect. My bandmate is impressed with your synths as well. The daAlfa2k takes me back to my Juno 6, my first polyphonic synth! It's so much more but that sweet sound is there.
EVE is such a novel approach to designing essentially a sample based synth the way they should be designed. I'm not able to hit all the discussions but I'd say expand a bit into VS type sounds, maybe even a wavetable or two. It would be especially nice with the demise of Waldorf.
The most unexpected synth was the EMM Knagalis. For whatever reason I thought it was going to be all Indian, which is actually cool, but not something I could indulge in. Imagine my surprise going after a much broader spectrum of timbres and cultures. Beyond that, it's a fun synth to play.

Also, these synths are slim on the CPU. I'm impressed and appreciative. Not to make this "Bruce or x_bruce if one prefers" discussion but the company meets the criteria for what I hope continues in the independent market. I've been towing that line for over a decade online and longer in life. It's time for musicians and developers to work closer, to help one another. It will be a bit but musicFAQ will be featuring Dash Signature as you'll see on the next site update. The words won't be there but the page will, it's a way of letting people know what our thoughts and intentions are.

Best of luck and keep up the good work.
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many thanks Bruce, I'm very happy for your words on EVE and EMM design


great going Bruce... the Dash guys deserve the very best IMHO.

...maybe good magic is beginning to happen!

I have to add a comment about reviews and the format that seems to be universally adopted these days:

they always seem to end with some manner of the little pro's and con's boxes.... and I've seen some really silly con's, like when the reviewer just really has nothing to say but feels they must put 'something' in the box....

perhaps someday someone will be brave enough to break this format and\or just leave the con's blank... LOL

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