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I was updating my list of free instruments on Steam and thought I'd share it here. I'm amazed at all the free stuff!

Free Instruments Organized by Type
VSTs to play file types in this list plays SFZ files also plays SFZ plays SF2 files

Multi Instrument Plugins

Kontakt 5 Player (VST) ... -download/
Or the Kontakt 5 Player, Reaktor 5 Player, Guitar Rig 5 Player bundle ... -download/

Independence Free (VST) ... .1013.html

Alchemy (VST) (also a SFZ Player)

Sampletank Free (VST) (this is a pain to get working correctly, needs admin privs) ... l-versions

Proteus VX (VST) (haven't tried this one yet, more synth than instrument player)

Entire Orchestra

Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra (sfz)

Bellatrix Orchestra Final and SJ Orchestral GM (sf2) along with others

DSK Overture (VSTi)

String Section Only

Squidfont Orchestral (sf2)
http://paperstreetfreesamples.blogspot. ... stral.html

DSK Strings (VSTi)

Orchestral Strings One (VSTi)

D. Smolken's multi-sampled double bass (SFZ)


DSK Brass (VSTi)

NoiseCrux Multisampled Brass Ensemble (Sfz) ... nstrument/


Anthony's Philharmonic (SFZ) Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Alto Sax


Orgue de Salon (SF2) (a house organ)


The Blanchet 1720 (SF2)

The Small Italian (SF2)


Piano One (VSTi) (Best Free Piano, Yamaha C7)

4Front Piano (VSTi) (Nice Upright) ... ano&id=971

DSK AkoustiK KeyZ (VSTi)

Jazz Baby (VSTi) ... aby&id=200

General and Le Piano (Bar Piano) (Vsti)

Upright Piano (pre 1900) (SF2)

Skerratt London Piano (sfz and VSTi)


4Front E-Piano (VSTi)

4Front R-Piano (VSTi)

1977 Mark I Rhodes Stage Piano (SF2)

DSK RhodeZ (VSTi)

Mister Tramp 2 (VSTi)

Acoustic Guitars

FS Ibanez Steel String Acoustic Guitar with Fender Reverb (SF2)
FS Seagull Steel String Acoustic Guitar with Fender Reverb (SF2)

Ultimate Guitar Kit 2 (SF2) from the guy who owns orange tree samples now ... c&start=75 part way down the page
or if that doesn't work

Spicy Guitar (VSTi)

Revitar 2 (VSTi) (Acoustic, Electric and Bass)

Richman-2 (VSTi)

Electric Guitars

All FS Guitars are SF2s
FS Fender Jaguar Electric Both Pick-ups Guitar and Amp
FS Fender Telecaster Both Pickups and Amp
FS Gibson Les Paul Electric Both Pick-ups Guitar and Amp
FS Fender Jaguar Electric Guitar Both Pickups Direct In
FS Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar Bridge Pickup Direct In
FS Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar Neck Pickup Direct In
FS Gibson Les Paul Bridge Pick-Up Electric Guitar Direct In
FS Gibson Les Paul Neck Pick-Up Electric Guitar Direct In

DSK Electrik GuitarZ (VSTi)

DVS Guitar (VSTi)

NoiseCrux Peavey Predator electric guitar (Sfz) ... ic-guitar/

Les Paul SG Custom (VSTi)

Bass Guitars
(note if bass guitar makes no sound, transpose midi 1 octave higher)

FS Washburn Acoustic Bass Guitar (SF2)
FS Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar (SF2)
FS Yamaha Electric Bass Guitar (SF2)

Rickenbacker 4001 electric bass (Sfz)

DSK BassZ (VSTi)

4 Front Bass (VSTi)

Drum Sets

DrumMic'a (VSTi) Amazing drumset with midi patterns, but you have to register in German. Needs Free Kontakt Player to work, I believe it is included.
This site walks you through it. It's a pain, but likely the best free instrument in existance. ... ennheiser/

Salamander Drumkit (SFZ)

This is a bit complicated. You need to download the samples and Kontakt instrument. Then you add the sfz files as instructed.
Free Jazz Funk Drum Sample Library (SFZ) ... e-library/
Get the sfz files here. It will tell you where to put them.

Like the previous set. First download the Raw Samples. Then add the sfz file.
12 piece pearl master custom drum kit with zildjian cymbals (SFZ) Raw Samples
save the sfz file and put it in the directory with the raw samples ... full-kits/


DVS Saxophone (VSTi)

DSK SaxophoneZ (VSTi)

Country Instruments

FS Kay 5-String Banjo (SF2)

World Instruments

DSK World StringZ (VSTi) (Celtic harp, Cumbus, Dobro, Kanun, Koto, Dulcimer,
Tar, Turkish Oud)

DSK Indian DreamZ (Sitar, Sarod, Veena, Tar, Tampura & Tabla)

DSK Asian DreamZ (VSTi) (Pipa, Pipa tremolo, Luan, Guzhen, Erhu,
Ban di, Percussion kit)

Diatonic Accordion(SF2)

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Free Samples
These are samples of instruments in wave, mp3 or aiff format that have not been organized into a virtual instrument such as a VST or SFZ instrument.

Philharmonia Orchestra - 19 instruments plus huge percussion section

University of Iowa Musical Instrument Samples - 22 instruments plus percussion

One Laptop Per Child project - 8.5 gigs of samples

Freesound - Tons of samples of instruments, SFX, etc...

Erans MSLP - 50 or so instruments 2+ gigs

Things For Composers - Interesting Horns


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Free Loops

45,000 loops, hits and multisamples. ... ads-217833 for two and a half gigs of free guitar loops on the first link. Do it overnight as it is a slow download. for more loopz. even more loopyness. ... rime-loops but you have to like them on Facebook. lots of loops if you sign up with the site for free. more loops, but have to sign up for newsletter.

Lots of high quality but very short bass and drum loops

Many free loops along with samples

Links to dozens of free loop collections (this is a loop blog that goes back years, sometimes they are announcing the release of paid loops and some of the free loops no longer exist)

Best collections from the flstudiomusic blog

DIGITAL REDUX FREE BUNDLE - 1300 loops and samples - Over 1 GB ... ts_id=2243

big FB pack by Boyss - 1.23 GB of free loops and samples
(You have to like on the facebook page :P) ... 5102528120

CRUNKSTEP PACK #1 - 400 megs

5 Free Fatloop packs (you have to order them like you would from an online shop, but there is no charge at the checkout) ... id105.html

Now for something out of this world. Not really loops, but lots of NASA audio you can use in your sci fi type songs.


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Free Kontakt Instruments

Orchestra and Strings

Total Composure Orchestra ... -composure

Orchestra One (thanks to idfpower for the links)
Part one:
Part two:

Embertone Intimate Strings LITE


Mats Helgesson Maestro Concert Grand v2 (converts from Giga nicely) ... ro-en.html

Headroom Piano

Upright Piano (pre 1900) (convert from giga)

Amore Grand Piano

Hephaestus ... way-grand/ ... tic-piano/



Pettinhouse ... _free.html ... les_k.html

Flame Studios (Over a dozen Giga guitars you can import)


Very Early Orangetree Xmas Bass


Rickenbacker 4001 ... sc&start=0
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Free "instrument" with vocal samples of 88 different people saying "I Love You" said in all kinds of different languages:

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KVR Database Search with pricing = Free.[]=f
Search engine wrote:2718 results
that's a whopping 35%
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Yup and after you filter out the 1500 effects and the 1000 synths and drum samplers, you have about 250 'sampled instruments' of which about 100 use actual samples and about 50 sound good enough to consider using.

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Don't forget Zampler RX - plays both sfz & rex files ;) And you can still find donwload links for most of its own web released banks - which are unique because they included presets from contemporary hardware synths: for ex right now they offer on Beat's facebook page 1GB of Waldorf Pulse 2 sounds; previous banks feature presets from Arturia Minibrute, Waldorf Rocket, Novation Mininova & Bass Station II, etc ;)
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1. I want my list to function as an aggregator for Kontakt free(bies) instruments & libraries. Therefore I prefer to keep all the info in one place - contained within 1 post. Like it or not. New additions are highlighted in green - fairly simple to follow (IMO).

2. Because some(one) folks objected to direct link posting (I hate to be in the middle of any kind of forum drama), from now on I will provide only links to the creator's download pages (the current ones will be gradually replaced as well - if possible). I'm sorry guys, but since my approach was considered "unethical", you will be forced to go through the hoops I've initially went in order to download everything posted here - yup, that means: registering on multiple websites, providing personal data, liking Facebook pages, sharing on Twitter, and more.

3. These instruments & libraries come "as is": I usually download & open in Kontakt every single instrument/library prior to posting them here to make sure they work properly, however some issues might still surface every now and then.

4. I don't post temporary available stuff, discounted instruments or libraries that enforce a way too intrusive registration procedure in order to obtain a dowload link (I've stumbled upon a few that required full registration - yes, including credit card info - no thanks). I also don't post just about anything & everything I may find during my "hunting sessions" - so feel free to do some hunting on your own.

5. If - for whatever reason - there are Kontakt freebie creators that don't want to see their instruments/libraries posted here, please send me a PM and I will remove the link(s). However, a "removed by author's request" message will be posted instead so ppl would know why that specific link is not available anymore.

6. If any other KVR member wants to add new links, please do so; if you want to see them posted in my list, please send me a PM.

7. Last, but certainly not least: I take no credit for any of these free instruments & libraries - I only provide a bit more detailed copy/paste service. If you like these, please credit their authors, visit their websites, leave them a message, donate, whatever feels appropriate.

All thas being said... HERE WE GO:


ACALL - "The Philharmonica Clarinet" (K4.2.4.) :
JASPER BLUNK - "Fortissimo Trombone Ensemble" (K5) :
JASPER BLUNK - "Fortissimo Horn Ensemble" (K5) :
JASPER BLUNK - "Fortissimo Trumpet Ensemble" (K5) : ... + ...
SASJE - "The Bb Trumpet" :
STREZOV SAMPLING - "Cornucopia Strings Staccato" :
DEPONE - "Multi Sampled Violin" (K3) : ... 8&t=124005
MIHAI SOROHAN - "Vowel Ensemble" : ... emble.html
SOLID STATE SYMPHONY - "Analogue Orchestra Lite" (K4+) :


SENNTENIAL - "Plucked Piano" (K5):
SENNTENIAL - "Vintage Piano" (K5):
SONICCOUTURE - "RMI Rocksichord" : ... cksichord/
AUDIO GENETICS LAB - "Magnus Chord Organ" (K3.5) : ... hord-organ
PURGATORY CREEK - "Mark V - Rhodes" (K5) :


FORCE SAMPLING - "Afterlife" (K5):
JULIAN RAY - "Julian's Sound Calendar" (K3): (requires manual download of each instrument - and there's one for every day of the year...)
SONICCOUTURE - "Abstrakt Vol.1" (K3+): ... akt-vol.1/
HOLLOW SUN - "Freepacks" (11 instruments; K3.5/4.2.4) :
SAMPLESCIENCE - "Vortex Soundwaves" (K5) :
TRONSONIC - "Cranberry Source" (K4.2.4.) : ... ad-freebie
FABEL2112 - "Fairlight CMI IIX Factory Library" (K4.2.4) :
YUMMY BEATS - "Massive Evolutions Free" : ... ions-Free/
BPB - "BPB Mini Analogue Collection" (K5) : ... mple-pack/
BPB - "Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions" (K5) :
- Part 1 : ... mple-pack/
- Part 2 : ... mple-pack/
WEIRDING MODULE - "Casio MT68" (K5) :
HIDEAWAY STUDIO - "Free Kontakt Instruments Collection" (K4) : ... ay-studio/
AZ ELECTRONIC MUSIC BLOG - "Simple Synths Download" : http://electronicmusicsupport.blogspot. ... ction.html
STRAYWORKS - "Ultranova SAW Bass" (K4.2) :
RHYTHM ROBOT AUDIO - "Free Jennings Taster Pack" (K4.2.3) : ... index.html
WAVE ALCHEMY - "Pro II Demo" (K4) : ... o/pid90/fr
ERB N DUB - "Kontakt Bass Library" :
GOLDBABY - "PPG Wave 2.2 Free" (K4) :
GOLDBABY - "The Fat H3500" :
MODULAR SAMPLES - "Dave Smith Tetra" :
MODULAR SAMPLES - "Roland JX-8P" : ... taktnn-xt/
MODULAR SAMPLES - "Roland JX-3P Bank B" :
MODULAR SAMPLES - "Roland SH-2" : ... taktnn-xt/
MODULAR SAMPLES - "Roland SH-2 Basses" : ... taktnn-xt/
MODULAR SAMPLES - "Eurorack Modular" :
MODULAR SAMPLES - "Fender Chroma Polaris" :
HOMEGROWN SOUNDS - "Kosmonaut" (K4+) : ... t-45-free/

CLARK ABOUD - "Palm Mute Staccato" :
CLARK ABOUD - "Soft Guitar Chords" : ...
SENNTENIAL - "Bowed Guitar" (K5):
WAVESFACTORY - "Power Guitars (Free)" (K3.5) :
STUDIO MAJOR 7TH - "KMG7" (K4.2) :
INDIGINUS - "Guitar Freepack" (K3+) :


AUDIO THING - "FFrum" (K3.5) :
PLUTONIC LAB - "Ludwig Super Classic" (K4) :
SONICCOUTURE - "Brush Kit" :
WAVESFACTORY - "Drum Circle Lite" (K4.2.3) :
ANALOGUE DRUMS - "Big Mono" (K4+) : + ... .php?id=36 (mappings)


NOIZE FIELD - "Noizedrumz Vol.2" (K4.2.4) : ... i-kontakt/
HARDBALL RECORDS - "Olan Lorain Drum Kit" : ... an-lorain/


ASINUS AD LYRAM - "ORA - Hand Percussion" (K5) :
ATOM HUB - "Mr. Pot" (K5) :
ATOM HUB - "A Bus Stop Booth" (K5) :
ATOM HUB - "Candlestick" (K5) :
ATOM HUB - "Empty Playground" (K5) :
ATOM HUB - "Cottage" (K5) :
CLARK ABOUD - "Cling Film Frame Drums" (K4) :
CLARK ABOUD - "Toaster Perc." (K4) :
CLARK ABOUD - "Wooden Percussion" (K4) : ... (NOTE: GUI not displayed properly)
EMBERTONE - "Jug Drum Soprano" (K4.2.4) :
EMBERTONE - "SCOREcast Kitchen" (K4.2.4) :
SENNTENIAL - "Oddity" (K5) :
CINESAMPLES - "Military Snare" (K2) :
CINESAMPLES - "Jam Bucket" (K2) :
LUXONIX - "Free Cajon" (K5) : ...
THINGAMAKIT - "Pambai" :
THINGAMAKIT - "Double Sided Hand Drum" :
K.L. SCHNEIDER - "LS Small Percussion" (K4.2.4.) : ... ad-freebie
STRETCH THAT NOTE - "Big Grease Kit Free" (K4.2.3) : ... ad-freebie
SOUND INNOVATORS - "Glassific Lite" (K5.1) : ... ific-lite/
SOUND INNOVATORS - "Cooking Pot Lids" (K5.1) : ... -pan-lids/
SOUND INNOVATORS - "Persian Plate" (K5.1) : ... t-release/
SOUND INNOVATORS - "Dirt Bike Triangle Stands" (K5.1) :
SOUND INNOVATORS - "Screwed Jard" (K5.1) : ... ewed-jars/
AUDIO GENETICS LAB - "Tongue Drum" (K3.5) : ... ongue-drum
SKUVLOW - "Free Xylophone (Bells)" :
CHOKEHOLD - "Tiny Metal Impact" (K4) :
CINEMATIC TENSION - "Steamed" (K4.2.3) :
GOLDBABY - "Hapi vs Xylophone" :
STREIFENTIER - "Stripofone I" (K5) : ... nt-by.html
SUBTERSONIC - "Black Swamp Tambourine" (K4+) : ... -2012.html
LOOPS DE LA CREME - "World Sounds Deluxe Demo" (K4+) : ... nds-deluxe


ATOM HUB - "Gnat Shepherd Free" (K5) :
KAI-ANDERS RYAN - "Angelica Silvestris Flute" :
KAI-ANDERS RYAN - "Alto Tin Flute" : ... n%20Flute/
NIKOLA - "Tamburica" (K5.2.1) : ... 20Full.rar
SASJE - "Viola Da Gamba" (K5) :
WALID FEGHALI - "Feroyn's Flute" (K5.1) : ... 0Flute.rar
FLUFFY AUDIO - "My Log Drum" (K4.2.4) : ... i-kontakt/
CINESAMPLES - "Djembe" (K2) :
PINGU - "Ocean Harp" (K2.4) :
NINELOOPS - "Woo Flute" (K4.2.4) :
NINELOOPS - "Valiha" (K4.2.4) :


ATOM HUB - "Psycho Mini" (K5) :
AUDIO THING - "Ping Pong" (K3.5) :
CRYPTO CIPHER - "ThingamaKit" : ... 5102528120
IMPACT SOUNDWORKS - "Cinematic Synthetic Drums" (K4) : ... tic-drums/
RICH DOUGLAS - "Dryer Drum of Death" (K4.2.3) :
SONIC CINEMA - "Drill and Crack Pack" : ... /downloads
AUDIOWIESEL - "Hammered Acoustic Guitar Free" (K5.0.3) : ... + ...
DURK KOOISTRA - "FreeBee" (K3.5/4.1) : ...
SOUND INNOVATORS - "Fly Against Window" (K5.1) : ... w-kontakt/
MIGHTY HERTZ - "Micro Kit 1" (K5) : ... -download/
ECHO COLLECTIVE - "Free Collections" (4 libraries; K3.5) :
JONATHAN HOWE - "Jonathan's Glockenspiel" : ... piel-demos
ICEBREAKER AUDIO - "Hum Organ" (K4.2.3) : ... struments/
ICEBREAKER AUDIO - "CZ Noise" (K4.2.3) : ... struments/
PRO|TONE - "Elements" :
SONOKINETIC - "Toccata Fx Dracul" (K4.1) :
TONEHAMMER - "Beez" : ... om/?p=5027
TONEHAMMER - "Sick" (K3.5) : ... om/?p=5164
ART RENAISSANCE PROJECT - "Small Living Spaces" (K4.2) : ... %20Kontakt
3AMNOISE - "Drum Kits" : ... d-fx-hits/


ATOM HUB - "Cuckoo Clay Bird" (K5) :
SONICCOUTURE - "Music Boxes" : ... sic-boxes/
WAVESFACTORY - "W-MusicBox" (K3.5) :
WAVESFACTORY - "W-Clock" (K3.5) :
ZVENIGOROD - "Toy Piano" (K5) :
AUDIO GEEK ZINE - "Pink Piano" (K5) : ... iano-free/
BPB - "Yamaha SHS-10 Toy Keytar Sessions" (K5) : ... mple-pack/
BPB - "Yamaha DD-10 Toy Drum Machine Sessions" (K5) : ... mple-pack/
STRAYWORKS - "Fujiya MC-3A" (K4.2.4) :
HARDBALL RECORDS - "Beatbox Drum Kit" : ... -drum-kit/
HARDBALL RECORDS - "Yamaha DX2l Fuzz Clavinet" : ... -clavinet/
HARDBALL RECORDS - "Yamaha DX2l : Solid Bass" : ... id-bass-2/
LOOPS DE LA CREME - "Home Impacts LE" (K4+) : ... impacts-le

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Awesome thank you! I have some downloading to do.

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This thread is sick!!!! And beyond awesome too! Thanks a bunch and then some :) :clap:

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K-Bee wrote:This thread is sick!!!! And beyond awesome too! Thanks a bunch and then some :) :clap:
Heh, one of my main reasons for hunting theese freebies relentlessly is that I'm seriously considering going 100% freeware (well, except for the DAW). I'm tired of all this debate about watermarking and licenses and piracy and not being able to resell or swap libraries I no longer need/use and so on plus I'm going broke quickly :) I used to drool everytime a new library was released, but then it hit me that I'm just a hobbist musician that doesn't even have a minimal home studio & I won't probably ever use/need most of the things that get released these days because I'm into specific type of music anyway, so I don't need a crazy ammount of sample clarity and/or expression, just a little something here and there to condiment my songs.

Nowadays going full VST(i) freeware is easy - plenty of stuff to choose from, but when it comes to Kontakt you really need to dig deep to find these things and sorting the good stuff from the bad (or pirated) stuff is not easy. But there are still folks outhere with a generous heart that don't mind sharing their creations, and as long as they do that, I'll be there collecting and spreading the news about 'em ;) I don't know, to me it feels rewarding supporting the freeware creators, it feels like I'm returning their big favour to some degree. And I know sometimes the most dificult thing is to set the thing you've spent time, dedication & sweat on free.
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EDIT: to avoid further discussions, please visit the original topic to get all the Kontakt instruments created by SASJE (available until December only):
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List (post #9) updated (actually got updated & extended a few times since the initial posting, so keep an eye on it from time to time) ;) Enjoy ;)
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I updated my list (as usual, new stuff is highlighted in yellow).
To avoid any future issues, a disclaimer was also added.

Enjoy the freebies & put them to good use :)
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