What are some things Bazille can do that Zebra can't?

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Post Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:17 am

I already own Zebra2 and have been seriously considering buying Bazille, but I was wondering what type of sounds can it do that aren't already covered by Zebra?

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Post Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:17 am

Audio-rate modulation on pretty much everything. Phase distortion.

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Post Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:25 am

arbitrary feedback loops... for example you can take the output of the filter, modulate it by an envelope and feed it back into the filter input.

the Bazille sequencer can also be modulated at audio rate so it can be the sound source for a preset

thru-zero FM

Bazille has lag generators, quantizer, rectifier and multiples... you can create and modulate various modulation signals that would be hard to duplicate in Zebra

a Bazille Osc can function as a full featured audio rate LFO

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Post Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:36 am

Actually there's phase distortion in Zebra 2 as oscillator fx (Phase Xfer), not quite the same as in Bazille but there's some sort of phase distortion in there.. The manuals description:
A variant of PD (phase distortion) synthesis. The original waveform is not output directly, but is used as the phase response of an extra sine wave – which you can hear when the value is zero.
Phase modulation and frequency modulation in an oscillator with your own waveforms, if you use the modmapper for making waveforms. In Zebra 2 you can only fm (or pm I suspect as self fm would not produce a sawtooth) a selection of 8 factory waveforms.

There's this thing called linear fm where the affected oscillator will play the waveform backwards while it receives fm input below zero, good for crazy noises that some here love to bitch about not being "musical" etc.

You can detune an oscillator in hertz or even temposynced values for consistent detuning in herz or a temposynced value whatever the note.

You can set up feedback loops, go crazy or use more subtly to beef things up or give a sound some sort of "undercurrent".

If you can wrap your head around the morphing sequencer there's plenty to explore there (personally it still confuses me, I finally got sick of consulting the manual every time I wanted to achieve something with it so I mostly leave it unplugged... :oops: ).

Creative use of the s&h module (for processing sounds or modifying modulation signals) can make sounds I wouldn't know how to achieve in Zebra 2.

And offcourse all sorts of modular mayhem you will discover soon enough given some time with the demo of you're into that sort of thing... :wink:

EDIT: didn't recieve a message about pdxindy posting while I was busy going back and forth between eating, enjoying my beer and editing my post so some slight overlap... :-P

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