Cant seem to send midi from Tonespace to my plug in synths

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Post Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:13 am


Im not a novice in ableton live 9.5 I love the tonespace concept. I input midi notes via push. and see the grid light up with chords. My problem is how do the additional Chordized midi notes get sent internally to a VST or AU synth. I have created two midi tracks, one with input from tonespace, and at best i receive the single note from push in the synth track, just one note, not the chordized notes that the grid is generating. How can i get the additional notes to play my plug ins?

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Post Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:09 pm

I don't have any solutions, but I wanted to mention that I'm having the same problem. There are others! I suspect it's just broken.

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Post Thu Jan 14, 2016 4:12 pm

For working as a chorder you gotta setup some options inside the plugin itself, on the right sidebar:

trigger: Midi triggers note
assist: Fit chord to scale

midi in: VST AU host
midi out: VST host

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Post Thu Jan 14, 2016 6:54 pm

No, it's more than that; after setting it to chord mode, these are the things I've tried:

Settings I set to get it to be a chorder - I've used more complex ones as well, but these are sufficient for the demonstration:

- Space: octaves
- Labels: note name
- Key: C
- Scale: Major (Ionian)
- Chord: Major
- Voicing: Root position (closed)
- Assist: play chord anywhere

I set these to make it accept midi *input*:

- Trigger: midi triggers note
- disabled by Trigger setting: (On click: trigger call)
- Midi In: AU/VST host
- Channel: all
- irrelevant because of midi in: Track

With those settings, I tried this, and it successfully produced chorded sound when I hit keys on my physical midi keyboard:

- Midi out: built in synth
- Gain: 0db
- (irrelevant) Channel: 1

I then set it to this, and then in Patcher, hooked its midi output up to an FL Keys instance; no sound is produced:

- Midi out: VST host
- Channel: 1

I then tried each of the channels in turn, they did not produce sound. I was distrustful that fl keys was working, so I removed the midi input that was routing notes from my physical keyboard to Tonespace, and instead connected it so that it was routing notes from my physical keyboard to FL Keys. It immediately produced sound.

I then was concerned that Patcher was broken, so I tried again without Patcher, using just fl studio. This time, I put Tonespace into an fl studio instrument on its own, and in fl studio's plugin settings tab for it, set its midi input to blank and its midi output to port 1. I then opened Obxd, a third party plugin, so that I could set its midi input; I set it to port 1, and no sound was produced. again, I tried all of Tonespace's output channels, in case Obxd was picky. it didn't work. I then opened a midi out instrument in fl studio, and set its midi output port to 1 and its midi channel to 1, it immediately made Obxd produce sound.

I continued being distrustful, and tried the same series of tests in Minihost Modular, using the same series of steps as I did with Patcher, but with Obxd as the instrument. it made sound when I used Tonespace's built in synth, did not make sound when I routed midi from Tonespace to Obxd, and did make sound when I routed midi from my keyboard to Obxd.

Conclusion: Tonespace might be broken. Or, there's a setting I missed. I doubt it, though, the docs don't say anything about that.

Fl studio 12.2 build 3, 32 bit, signature bundle
tonespace 2.5.544, 64 bit run in fl studio in bridged mode, and same results when re-tested with 32 bit run in fl studio natively
patcher - fl studio native plugin, presumably 32 bit
minihost modular - 32-bit separate-application mode (it crashes hard on re-open if i use it inside fl. definitely beta software compared to patcher)
Windows 10, 64-bit - os build v10586.63, version 1511

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Post Thu Jan 14, 2016 7:39 pm

I use Live 9.5 like OP (Win 10), don't really know about FL Studio, sorry.

I did just test with IL Minihost inside Live and it worked as well.

One thing that is different in your post: "Assist: play chord anywhere" does not act as a chorder for midi out, it is gotta be one of the "Fit chord to scale" option or the "Fit compact" one (each plays different type of chords).
Don't know why it behaves differently from when it is set to the built-in synth.

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Post Thu Jan 14, 2016 8:06 pm

Interesting. If you use tonespace and route its midi to a different synth in IL Minihost *outside* of live, does it break?

And yes, I know. It should produce sound, though, and it wasn't doing that.


The reason I've been using "play chord anywhere" is that I was putting together a setup where the left half of my keyboard sets the chord, and the right half plays notes, since right now I only have the keyboard, and then I'm reading various stuff on music theory and poking the keyboard as I do so. I'm using this as a way to bootstrap my music intuition more quickly, because if I have to memorize how to play the chords before I memorize how they sound like, then that's an unnecessary dependency :) - I've always found I learn things faster if I jump past the basics and fill them in later, which FL is great for. I do hear that once you know what you're doing, you switch to live. I should try the demo, I remember being quite disappointed with the interface clarity a few years ago.

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Post Thu Jan 14, 2016 8:21 pm

THIS JUST IN: it works when I run it in minihost modular 64bit on its own, I must have opened the 32bit one? or misremembered.

nope, on further test, it also works in 32 bit minihost modular.

...AND IT WORKS IN FL STUDIO 64 BIT! wat. so that seems to be the story, then: the 64 bit tonespace plugin loads and plays sounds from fl studio 32 bit, but only if you don't use its midi out. meanwhile, the midi out works in fl studio 64 bit. weeeeeird. I guess fl studio's 64 bit bridge doesn't quite work right or something. That or like, tonespace depends on there being at least 6gb of ram or something weird.

... nope, wait, spoke too soon. it works _outside of patcher_. it doesn't work in flstudio64 if I use patcher. it doesn't work in flstudio32 if I use patcher. it works if I don't. how interesting. I guess I'll have to do my midi routing the old fashioned way, with ports.

I reported a bug for fl studio and patcher. I don't think there's anything that can be done from the tonespace side. it might be worth checking. If anyone finds that my results are wrong, then it's worth talking about this some more.

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Post Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:41 am

wait, coming back to this, the original post was that it didn't work in ableton. *facepalm*. so maybe it is a bug with tonespace?

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