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Apr 25
@RUCKAZOID you can, with Ableton's Sampler instrument (not in the base product though) https://t.co/BgcfXzNSuL

about me

I am an audio developer enthusiast, based in Leuven, Belgium.
when not working on audio stuff, I devote my time to a little but cool ISV startup, a modest IT consulting business and a family.


mixing MIDI + plugins + crazy ideas
learning music theory, mostly by trying to explain it to a machine
share the output with fellow enthusiasts.

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Dare's noone else out there.
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Help getting Tonespace using the DAW called Mixcraft. Using a computer keyboard to record.
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tonespace updated to 2.5.544, hypercyclic updated to 1.5.544 - both with 64-bit support
by mark from 11AM at 20 Apr 2015, 13:31

VST Installation
by mucoder at 31 Mar 2015, 13:07

I made a tutorial about using Tonespace to control a Microkorg in Logic
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Tonespace/FL Studio problem
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wanted : 64-bit beta testers for tonespace / hypercyclic
by synthmusic at 30 Dec 2014, 11:39



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