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Post Wed Feb 03, 2016 1:26 am

My new single just released available via :

Bandcamp :
iTunes : ... 1079969345
Google Play : ... jnaojnlk7u

3 styles of Acid Techno in one bright yellow package.

Everything was made and mixed 'in the box'. 303s are Phoscyon then there's some Diva, Bazille, MicroTonic, Strobe, Operator, B2 reverb, Altiverb, NastyDLA. Mix tools are mainly The Glue, Equality, Satin, Presswerk, TB Reelbus and big shout out to the KVR Developer Competition 2014 winner : Acon Digital - Multiply. Awesome plugin that I use on *every* track.

All feedback welcome :)

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