How To Configure Hypercyclic for Pro Tools in Mac OSX

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Hello, everyone

I thought I'd share a how-to just in case it could help others out there who might be going through what I had gone through regarding configuring Hypercyclic for Pro Tools in Mac OSX.

This test was made on an old system (PT 10.0 on an iMac OS 10.7.3 Lion) that I still run on in 2017 (I know! :oops: ) , but, hopefully, this can still give users on much newer systems an idea as to how to go about it.

I wanted to share it here, but, unfortunately, it's in PDF, and KVR does not allow PDF uploads. So, for those who are interested, you can download it from this DropBox URL: ... X.pdf?dl=0. I'm not web savvy, so I hope the document is downloadable (and I hope I followed the KVR forum rule on posting URLs). :pray:

P.S. Sorry in advance for the document typos and other errors.

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