How to set up Tonespace to play harmonised chords in the Key?

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Post Sat Jan 27, 2018 9:05 am

I'd like to be able setup Tonespace to play the harmonised notes as chords in the major key, e.g. for the key of C that would C Maj, D min, E min, F Maj, G Maj, A min, and B dim. In this way I could solo on guitar with the C Maj scale over the different harmonised chords, to get a feel for the different modal spaces.

I'm using the basic EDU-C Maj Chord preset, but this gives me a Major chord for every note, whereas I need it to give me the Maj min min Maj Maj min dim pattern.

I'm sure it's capable of this, and I am just overlooking something (I've only spent a short while with it), but could anyone let me know how to do this? Thanks in advance!

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