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off we go then ...

... be sure to listen to ALL 59 entries before casting votes for your top 10 in descending order as usual ...

entries here - http://www.kvr-vst.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=622879

... let the METEL commence !!!

slainte 8) rob
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I always wanted to be first in something here at KvR. Here goes:

1: Nuisances-Sonores
2: SleekMonth
3: Armadillo
4: GuitarJeff
5: Dr. Acula
6: Ugo
7: utm
8: Sighup
9: ScarKord
10: AliveInChernobyl


59? Excluding Rusted Monkeys too long one, I've got 60 entries...
  1. Alive In Chernobil - Sarcophagus
  2. Donkey Tugger - Cuntsucker
  3. Ugo - The Pants Of Fury
  4. Sleek Month - Anmia Anceps
  5. You™ - Cs
  6. Warbug - Rock Lord
  7. ThomasC -Mettalix
  8. ScarKord - Time For The Fear
  9. Markleford - Kiken-Ga-Ippai
  10. Jeez - Five Sex


1. warbug - Rock Lord
2. ScarKord - Time for the Fear
3. plunge - DONE
4. Alive In Chernobyl - Sarcophagus
5. Barnadine - Morder
6. shamann - Glloom
7. Guitarjeff - The Persian Metal Symphony Orchestra
8. pHz - FOILED
9. endmusik - Refused
10. Mystahr - Darkness in your Soul


What an amazing set of songs. Half of them were indistinguishable from each other (metal is as metal does), and the rest were so interesting it really was hard to cut them down to 10 choices. But here is my picks:

1 Duncan Parsons - Bad Vibes - The Groovy Leprechauns meet Dolly the sheep
2 Mystahr - Darkness in your Soul - Yummy delicious more more ooh ooh
3 Sason Le Klee - Finale - In ten seconds I know this is special
4 Liqih - Metellicus - This is liquid metal
5 Guitar Jeff - The Persian Metal Symphony Orchestra - absolute madness
6 Bastien Phelps - My Mate Oscar - This is one to listen to again and again
7 Sickle666 - Scorned - I want to paint this on the wall
8 Andreas Ehrhardt - Hot Iron - Melodic metal
9 Ugo - Pants of Fury - Did I hear a Fizmo in the background?
10 Haghi - Cronkey - Reminds me of a little alien planet I used to live in

Honorable mentions: Vurt, Nusiances, pHz (your amp is busted), Plunge (poetical), Sleek Month, sdunn1110 (revenge is a beautiful thing), windchillfactor (I know a man and his name is George), bluedad (what are those squeeky noises?).

Special "mention KVR and win a free donkey" awards go to Griels and Kim Lajoie!

Oh, and best name is United Cutlery. :-o


Tough one as usual.
A couple of tunes stands out. Most tunes are not actually metal :D

1. T-willy - Born yesterday. Spot on. Kick ass metal. Go home Metallica :lol:
2. Sciche - Fahrenheit. Not really metal, but superb tune. Right up my street. 8)
3. Plunge - Done. Superb chorus, linkin park makes rock, turn up the distortion on those guitars :phones:
4. Sason - Finale. Best composition. Not much metal though, but I love all the variations. :harp:
5. Warbug - Rocklord. Metal DnB. Very full of energy. Head nodding. :o
6. Alive in Chernobyl - Sarcophagus. Very metal. Vocal quite low though. Well produced. :evil:
7. Ugo - The pants of fury. - Chemical brothers goes aggresive. Another head nodder :hyper:
8. Scarkord - Time for the fear Another Metal DnB. Full of energy. Would like more variation :)
9. Endmusik - Refused. Very dark. Atmosperic, but quite midrange (frequencies). :|
10. Vishalshtye - Electric soul. Prodigy goes Indian. :wink:


ok, here goes nothing -

1. Alive in chernobyl - Sarcophogus - I like this one so much, I have it on my ipod for the morning commute :D PLEASE do more tracks like this!

2. Haghi - Cronkey - DOOOOooooooommmmmm..... nice :D

3. warbug - rocklord - the suspense is intense... nice breakdown :D

4. sickle666 - scorned - even though I'm going to be involved in a later version, I love this one - made me break out godflesh albums I haven't listened to in years :)

5. ugo - the pants of fury - still love the rhythmic chaos - nice job!

6. Donkey tugger - cuntsucker. this is my kind of metel :D

7. bluedad - summer rain - youre vox are awesome, and yeah there is a tiny bit of perry farrel in there

8. You - Cs - nice! great vox, and the guitar sound is pretty nifty

9. armadillo - you're so ugly - classic!

10. cY9H3rAuD10 - pemmikan  - the levels are way to hot, but otherwise a killer track!


as someone asked, i'll comment on my top ten (later in the week in the gossip thread).
for now, here are my happy winners:

I. Alive in Chernobyl - Sarcophagus
II. YouTM - Cs
III. Mystahr - Darkness in your Soul
IV. Bernadine - Mörder
V. bluedad - summer rain
VI. Ixox - Sheepshag
VII. donkeyt - cuntsucker
VIII. Thomas Christensen - Mettalix
IX. Sleek Month - Anima Anceps
X. Glooper - Fear Me now


Here' my bit:

1-Alive In Chernobyl
2-Sleek Month

Honorable mention to Rusted Monkey for the most excellent non-entry Wimbledon song


:D :D :D

Man that was a shit load of entries!!!! BUT I finally did it..... :) Um if any one knowz a good site I could host my entries on, dat would be cool, it sucks people having to right clikc and save..... Itz been commented in a few reviewz!!!!

Oh and like alwayz this wasn't eazy, I loved the political nature of sum of these aswell :)

1. Alive in chernobyl
2. Plunge - DONE
3. Sleek Month - Anima Anceps
4. sdunn1110 - God Bless America
5. t-willy - Born Yesterday
6. sickle666 - scorned
7. Haghi - Cronkey
8. cY9H3rAuD10 - United cutlery pemmikan
9. Lady J - WAR PIGS
10. Sason - the FINALE

Thznx all whoz voted for me!!!

:D :D :D


After much back to back listening and really agonizing over the order of the top 4 Here goes:

1. Sarcophagus - Alive In Chernobyl

2. Kiken-Ga-Ippai - Markleford

3. Finale - Sason

4. Amina Anceps - Sleek Month

5. Born Yesterday - T-Willy

6. Pants of Fury - Ugo

7. Cuntsucker - Donkey Tugger

8. Don't Ask Again - Wilkoryte

9. Scorned - Sickle 666

10. I refuse To Scream - Beardedone

Respect and best of luck once again to all who entered. And honorable mention to YOU for the compilation/medley and map!


This was a LOT OF F%&%KING WORK!
*but worth it* :)

1. Markleford - Kiken-Ga-Ippai ( Earnest Effort & Production - a keeper)
2. Guitarjeff - The Persian Metal Symphony Orchestra (Energy, Production & Originality)
3. Lady J - War Pigs (Best Vocal, Energy & Earnest Effort)
4. Alive in Chernobyl - Sarcophagus (Production & Effort)
5. You(TM) - Cs (Vocals & Originality)
6. Sascha Franck - Farts in SloMo (Talent-a-wasting)
7. ugo - The Pants Of Fury (Robot Space-Metel is good)
8. Plunge - DONE (Vocals, Production & Wit)
9. t-willy - Born Yesterday (Typically Upbeat & Energetic Angus) :hihi:
10. endmusik - Refused (East 9th Street Nuevo Cool)

Monoraurable Mentions:
Mo Verdigast - Metal Hurlant (Effort & Weirdness)
Beardedone - I Refuse To Scream (Stoned Again eH?)
Haghi - Cronkey (Production)
Glooper - Fear Me Now (I can feel the zits popping)
wilkoryte - don't ask again (Production Effort)
pHz - Foiled (Balls for originality)
vurt - hello castle donningstone (Infectuous Weirdness)
dreibel - Pig Biting Mad (I know the feeling)
sickle666 - Scorned (Obvious Effort)
bucodi - *What's the title?* (I dunno - I kinda like it)

*..and everyone else who had the nads to enter this month* ;)



Really great songs to select from and
i think it's better to vote as early
as possible otherwise i'll keep my
20's list reordering and getting even
more confused.

So, here's the 10's list

1. Pepelogu - Grin

2. Plunge - Done

3. Dr. Acula - Born Yesterday

4. Guitarjeff - Persian metel symphony orchestra

5. Sason - Finale

6. Warbug - RockLord

7. Alive in chernobyl - Sarcophagus

8. Siche - Fahrenheit

9. scarkord - Time for the fear

10. Donkey tugger - Cuntsucker

soorry if any entries in the list
are not metel.

Best Of Luck to everyone
Be Innovative !


1. Guitarjeff The Persian Metal Symphony Orchestra
2. Alive In Chernobyl Sarcophagus
3. warbug Rock Lord
4. Lady J War Pigs
5. Markleford Kiken-Ga-Ippai
6. blaster78 partially metalised
7. ScarKord Time for the Fear
8. vurt hello castle donningstone
9. Nuisances Sonores corroded disorders
10. donkey tugger cuntsucker

(Then, in no particular order: ugo, t-willy, softegg, sickle666, dreibel, You™, Yaguchi01, Sascha Franck, Ixox, Bonteburg)


Lot's of good entries this month

1 GuitarJeff Persian Metal
2 Lady J War Pigs
3 Markleford Kiken-
4 sleek month Anima
5 Donky Tugger cuntsucker
6 Patrick9 Keys to the Highway
7 phz Foiled
8 Beardedone I Refuse
9 Sciche Fahrenheit
10 Griels Niiice

honorable mentions (in no particular order)
Dan Dre, Bonte, Duncan P, Glooper, Acula, blaster78, bluedad, Plunge, Schrodinger, Ugo


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