I MUXed everything! PC hardware tips for better performance?

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Post Fri Jan 18, 2019 6:24 am

Hi muxers!

I use MUX extensively in my music production - so much so that I actually use every single effects and instruments plugin through MUX with a custom GUI. I love how it makes everything consistent and usable!

Using MUX so thoroughly has lead me to the realization that I'm getting a 15-20% performance before dropouts hit when comparing an X amount of plugins hosted in MUX vs an X amount hosted in my DAW (Reaper) directly. This is of course to be expected as MUX is additional code the computer must run!

My question is this, and relates to me buying a new PC in the near future:

Are there any specific bottlenecks that using MUX so much creates and are there methods to minimize those? Does MUX benefit greatly from stuff like:

-AVX instructions support on the processor?
-High-frequency RAM?
-Media buffering / anticipative FX processing settings in Reaper?
-Large L2/L3 cache?

Thanks! I love MUX!

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