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Philip Goddard
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Post Fri Mar 29, 2019 12:10 pm

I make natural soundscape recordings, and many of these are made on rugged Cornish cliff situations, often with a focus on caves within which the sea does the most amazing very deep rumbles and booms, or, where the breakers are giving a most wonderful very deep thundering sound, with a strong bass component within the 'felt rather than heard' range. I've had a long-standing problem, though, with the Sony PCM-D100 recorder, because it's moderately weak on the very low frequencies, so I've had to include an up-to-9dB boost for that region, included in my initial batch processing of new recordings in Audacity.

That has been working pretty well for me, but the problem has been that unless the wind was very light indeed I couldn't usefully record such soundscapes because that bass boost would simply aggravate the mic wind noise issue, which is insanely acute with this recorder model - having forced me to use 3 nested furry windshields on each recorder, which causes another 'headache' issue for me, so I do need to get round this if I possibly can.

Now, up to mid-afternoon today I was going to post here simply a forlorn question about this, not expecting any workable solution - but then, addressing the matter of widening the stereo image of my earlier recordings, I started thinking about what would be in a 'mid' component and what would be in a 'side' component, and I realized that mic wind noise is chaotically non-stereo - the sound in one mic being largely independent of the sound in the other mic - especially as I'm using the outward-facing 120-degree mic configuration. But of course, the deep booms and rumbles will generally be almost the same in both mics, at least up to about 80Hz, and no doubt still only weakly directional for some way above that.

So, I think I'd be able to boost the booms / rumbles and thundering in Nova GE without significantly boosting the wind noise if I do that in Sum (sc:diff) mode, and likewise I should be able to significantly reduce the mic wind noise by reducing it in Diff (sc:sum) mode.

Now, is there any way by which I could carry out both those functions from one preset, to save me time? :-)

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