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Post Sat Jun 08, 2019 12:11 am

work in progress!

version 3

all patches/presets custom made, drum samples home brewed.

cubase 10 pro
pigments through specops as insert
2 x reaktor 6 with toybox, blocks base, euroreakt modules (but mainly based on toybox)
arturia spark 2.4

drum sends: 2 FX channels
izotope trash 2
d16 sigmund

and d16 sigmend is coupled via a send to trash 2, best of 2 worlds...
win 7 pro; cubase 10 pro, live 10 suite (+push 2), reaper, arturia V collection 6, reason 10, maschine (mk3+jam), korg collection, komplete 11 ultimate, softube modular, VM and many more..

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