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Hello.. I just brought the upright bass vst. And using It inside of Kontakt 6. I read the manual and noticed the articulations are in -1 octave.. when I transpose my key board which is a 88 key.. the articulations don’t match with what is stated in the manual.. is there a updated key map list ?? Also is key switching available ? Looks like samples and articulations are just map in one big zone or something


I replied to your email yesterday before I saw this post of yours. Perhaps you did not receive it?
The Upright has all samples in one large mapping and there are no key switches in it. This is something that a lot of our customers like even if they are familiar with, and use key switches, as it makes it faster to compose once you know the layout of the soundset. The manual explains the mapping.

Your issue of it showing -1 octave is more than likely due to different hosts using different middle C implementation. You may need to adjust what the manual states by one octave depending which host you use. Sorry not much we can do about that as the different host programs vary a bit. However it is mapped to the standard Middle C notes (and Octaves) in most hosts.

Hope this answers your concerns.

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