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Post Sun Dec 01, 2019 4:50 pm

The public library implementation in Synthmaster v2.9 seems quite good - you can browse it separately from your local presets, and 300 users have uploaded 1000 presets (200 - 300 of them being interesting/useable; the rest are just users testing the feature, and then not being able to delete them, I think).

However, the implementation in 'One' seems pretty bad though. You have to download all of the presets in one go instead of browsing them. This means that if you previously sorted through them deleting the ones you don't want, you have to do it all again when you next download the public library.

Plus they are just added to your local presets - the problem being that you have no way of filtering them to list only the downloaded ones.

You also don't have any control over the bank names used so your bank list gets messed up. And if you want to put them all into a 'public library' bank yourself, you have to edit each preset one by one.

Further, I haven't worked out how to manage (Eg. edit the name) or delete any presets which I upload to the public library - it seems like once you upload a preset, you lose all control over it. I also don't want my registered name to be used in public uploads - I'd much rather use an alias (that could be also registered and tied to my registered name).

I love the idea of having a cloud of shared user presets, accessible within the synth itself. But these problems prevent it from being useable. Maybe that's why there are only twenty user presets uploaded so far?

Is the preset sharing feature going to recieve any love and development? Or is this it? Might it even be removed in future updates?

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Re: Synthmaster One: public library problems

Post Sun Dec 01, 2019 10:46 pm

Hi there

No it will never be removed. I can maybe add a new dialog to choose which presets to download ?

We can show online presets in a different color or add a (Public Library) bank to filter them ?

We can also prevent displaying the bank name of the public preset so it doesn't mess up the banks list?

We're totally open to any suggestions.
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Re: Synthmaster One: public library problems

Post Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:15 am

Thanks for the reply.

I can't really make any suggestions, as I'm not a programmer, and wouldn't know what is trivial or near impossible. For instance, I might make a stupid suggestion like 'Why not copy the browser code from v2.9 to One', as though that was a five minute job, and not a week of your life.

Also, whilst I think a built-in user library is a great idea, it might not be seen as such from other perspectives. For instance, experienced users may be unwilling to share the secret-sauce of their presets. Or user-sharing might undermine the creation and sales of your expansion collections.

I guess the only thing I can do, as an end user, is to pass on my opinion that the user library in v2.9 is pretty usable, whilst the One implementation is not, which may prevent it from gaining much traction. But maybe your user-base aren't even particularly into presets, preferring to design from scratch? Whereas noobs like me thrive on downloading 25,000 presets for Synth1, and having the librarian plugin to manage them all.

Whether you think it would be a good idea to spend time improving the user library is entirely up to you! Priorities, and all that. I certainly don't want you to waste time developing a feature that no-one else particularly wants to use.

Anyway, thanks for these synths! I'm having a great time adding noises to my guitar-based songs. I did post a quick question about mapping CC numbers to my controller, if you could take a quick look. :)


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