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KV331 Audio was founded in 2012 by a dedicated team of engineers, musicians, and sound designers with the sole purpose of providing high-quality virtual instruments for musicians globally. Its flagship soft synth, SynthMaster, has over 24,000 licensed users in over 110 countries and received numerous awards from prestigious music technology publications around the world; while walking away from MusicTech Magazine's 2016 Gear Of The Year awards as a Gold Award Winner in the 'Best Software Instrument/Sample Library' category, MusicRadar readers recently ranked it number one in their '50 best VST/AU plugin synths in the world today' survey.

Products by KV331 Audio

Latest reviews of KV331 Audio products

SynthMaster One
Reviewed By seangm
March 29, 2021

This synth doesn't work for me in Cubase, all my other plugins are working fine. The thing that pisses me off is I've tried multiple times over several months to contact support including the KVR Synthmaster forum and I've never heard back from their support. I see other people on their forum saying the get no response from support also. They seem to be actively putting out updates but just ignoring any issues reported by users. So I'm stuck with a synth I paid for but can't use, kind of sucks. I can't recommend this company in any way because of the way they ignore their users. Can I give zero stars please?

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SynthMaster One
Reviewed By osmancigil
January 19, 2021

Even though I'm not an EDM producer or anything like that, I love trying virtual synths and see what might fit my own audio work.

Luckily, I got myself SynthMaster One version and using it on a Windows 10 LTSB, i7 4710MQ CPU with 16GB RAM. Before I got it, I had some crackling noises and stutters on my system when using real-time processing plugins with the lowest latency possible @48 samples.

Upgrading to 16GB of RAM and also updating my GPU drivers did really help with other plugins and VSTis as well as SynhtMaster ONE. I almost had no crackling or stuttering when playing with it.

For people like creating mind-blowing sounds with synths may take a lot of time. But SynthMaster ONE comes with around 1200 something highly impressive presets.

My first impression was like it's so huge. Almost every preset sounds like it's going to dominate the sonic canvas and really gives me chills every time.

I definitely recommend anyone getting yourself a copy instead of downloading cracked software. It's very affordable and high quality in terms of sounds and tones that one can generate with this synth.

Here's a preset walkthrough that I have made with SynthMaster ONE. Including my 250 something favourite presets. Excellent job KV331! Deserves every penny :).

SynthMaster ONE Demo

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Reviewed By Duncle22
July 21, 2020

Great sound and its easy to program. Although its an older synth its still one of the very best.

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Reviewed By godly
September 26, 2019

kv331audio promises it will deliver for version 3.0 a sample editor, wavetable editor and tons of acoustic content. This synth will be killer.

I got the synth for more than a year but just started working with it since i discovered it has sample and sfz import. I like the arp section and that it's CPU lightweight. Getting to like it allot.

What can improve the synth even more?

- a preset compare function (save in a temp when using SHIFT on the save button?)
- preset save without dialog (check the Pianoteq Preset save function, it's super)
- preset recall for a whole set on the FX (see avenger)
- more predefined preset settings, arp and fx. (also sync onine?)
- next/prev preset possibility to assign a cc to it
- put the 8 presets macros on top all the time !
- open the prest browser when left clicking the preset name (right click stays the same)

- 8 layers with mute/solo buttons
- keyboard zones
- audio level meters ! (also signal flow meters on the OSC/filters/ADSR

- drum specific OSC with 1 octave where you can add your single shot samples

- gain level on the osc (samples)
- a simple sample editor will be most welcome. (attack, end, loop, x-fade)

I'd love to see SM as a complete workstation, with keysplit, zones, drums, so we can create 1 key presets.

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SynthMaster One
Reviewed By smithy217
July 19, 2019

Been using this plugin on a daily basis and absolutely love it. Lots of presets and just about any sound can be made with this plugin, 5 stars from me, .

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SynthMaster One
Reviewed By rlared
January 6, 2019

This one-pager is great for pulling up and quickly getting a sound you want. The sound quality is really good. It has a lot of interesting wavetables and waveshapes included, and the filters are great. Maybe it's just how the presets are designed, but I think it sounds better than it's bigger brother Synthmaster 2. One stand-out feature is that each of the two oscillators has a sub-oscillator which can also serve as a modulator for the oscillator. So this makes FM/AM easy and possible.

The interface is pretty clear and pleasant looking. The overall design makes sense and it clear and logical.

Modulation is easier to work with than Synthmaster 2. There are some visual cues which are helpful, and the modulation matrix is pretty easy to deal with.

If you own Synthmaster 2 (which I do) you get Synthmaster One super cheap and it's definitely worth it. I reach for Synthmaster One a lot of times when I just want to pull up an arpeggiated sound or a bass sound quickly and with no fuss.

I think it shares the same effects with Synthmaster 2 which in my opinion are a weak spot. Also I find the envelopes difficult to work with. They don't necessarily do what I expect them to do. Could be user error or could be a bug. Also I find that when I start changing things, I end up frequently clipping on the output (goes into the red) and I have to move the volume down to the lowest level. Again, could be user-error but I don't have that problem as much on other synths.

It's very light on the CPU and RAM so you can probably run as many instances as you want without issue if you have a modern computer.

I like that the developer is actively involved with the community and genuinely seems to want to make his customers happy. KV331 has been releasing updates and fixing bugs so I believe the synth will grow over time and some of the possible issues will be ironed out. I can see this growing into a 5-star synth in the future with a few updates.

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Reviewed By rlared
January 6, 2019

This synth can do pretty much every type of synthesis at this point. You also get tons of presets, which is nice. And there's lots of filter options and they sound good.

The sound quality sounds a little less "high-fi" compared to some of the newer synths like Avenger, Falcon, etc.

The built-in effects don't sound very good in my opinion..

The developer is pretty engaged and active on KVR which is always a bonus.

The main drawback is the interface. For me, it is very clunky to use. There are a ton of tabs and different screens to jump between. Modulation is painful to work with. Also, in general I find the envelopes in Synthmaster (and Synthmaster One) to be difficult to use.

However, for the money, you can't get much more "bang for your buck" than Synthmaster 2... it's a true bargain. Especially if you want to browse through presets. Other newer synths may have better interfaces or features, but there's a big jump in price for the synth and presets usually.

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SynthMaster One
Reviewed By ubailey
December 13, 2018

Powerful synth with all kinds of modulation capabilities. Excellent tool for sound design. Now i have both 1 and 2, only synths im using now or at least 90-95%.

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