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Hi! I absolutely love hosting AU for it's simplicity and amazing reliably but I have some questions because I'm super new to DAWs.

1. Is there any way I can play a .mid file in hosting AU, or record .mid files?

2. How do I use "settings for MIDI controller? I think it's to link my plugins to my keyboards / controllers, but what is "learn", "parameter name", and "C"?

Thanks in advance for any help, and thanks to the developer for making this amazing software! :clap:


I am also not sure what the "A1, B1, C1, D1" at the top of the interface is for.

Sorry for being so clueless D:


Hi SmolSqrl,

Thank you for your questions. Indeed, the features especially around MIDI are not sorted out very well until now. Those were added eventually by each small update, that's why.

I thought AUAudioFilePlayer could play .mid files, but seems not... I don't have much idea of the alternation, so basic MIDI recording/playback feature should be added.

In the Settings for MIDI controller pane, you can make connections between your MIDI controller (that sends MIDI CC messages, such something with a lot of knobs) and plugin's parameter to control. You may choose a desired plugin, then the parameter name to control, and MIDI CC number to match your controller. And so on, you can make the list of the connections.

The learn button can be used in case if you are unsure what's the parameter name of a control on the plugin GUI.

Lastly, A1... stands for Track A's 1st plugin slot, and so on. You can route each incoming MIDI channel to a desired plugin slot. So let's say, if you play a keyboard that sends MIDI note through channel 1, that will be routed to Track A's 1st plugin in the default setting.

And thank you for your words too :)


Thanks! Great explanations. In this case, if I am just using piano plugins and playing with a keyboard, I shouldn't need to use the controller settings I think?


I think so. If your keyboard comes with control knobs, you can control some parameters of the piano plugin. Even if so, it's optional.

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