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Audio/MIDI Software Developer.

Focuses on Experimental Music Apps.

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Hosting AU
Reviewed By n4850
October 27, 2019

Hosting AU is hands down the most lightweight and low-resource DAW out there. Despite being limited to AU plugins only it is very useful - I'm using it to host virtual instruments and it beats everything else with its simplicity and low overhead.

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Hosting AU
Reviewed By stringsattached
November 8, 2016

This is exactly what I was looking for, hosting an AU plugin for apps that don't support it on output, like iTunes & Reason. Just install Soundflower, send system output to "Soundflower (2ch)", select that as input in Hosting AU under the fourth channel as illustrated, and add your plugin.

It looks however like it's much more powerful than that, as a quick way to riff with virtual instruments and adding effects in real time at the touch of a key. Clean no-clutter interface. And so lightweight - 600kB.

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