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Hello, I've been using Hosting AU in conjunction with VB Cable to make / evaluate / tweak Parametric EQ's to adjust the sound of headphones and speakers. If I drag and drop ".aupreset" files with more than 8 EQ bands onto an already loaded AUNBandEQ with more than 8 bands, the EQ bands above 8 do not change (despite differences in the files). Also, if I subsequently drag and drop a "au.preset" file with fewer bands (for example 8 bands) over a setting with 10 bands, then bands 9 and 10 remain from the previous file.

If this could be resolved, that would be great.

HostingAU is a super convenient and simple way to implement PEQ and to compare PEQ settings! I appreciate the efforts to create and maintain this excellent simple DAW!

Thanks in advance.



I've recreated the above issue exactly with Hosting AU, however quickly with Live too. So my most assumption is that the issue exists inside AUNBandEQ. Wish I can talk directly with who's developing it, and may have more options to resolve it...

I see another issue too indeed, the band on/off buttons are loaded as saved, but in the EQ curve display, early 8 bands are un-clickable.

All I can think of atm from a host side is to add a feature to reload plugin in some way instantly, hmm...

Thanks for your kind word by the way!

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