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Post Thu Dec 10, 2020 10:59 pm

Hello, I've been using Hosting AU in conjunction with VB Cable to make / evaluate / tweak Parametric EQ's to adjust the sound of headphones and speakers. If I drag and drop ".aupreset" files with more than 8 EQ bands onto an already loaded AUNBandEQ with more than 8 bands, the EQ bands above 8 do not change (despite differences in the files). Also, if I subsequently drag and drop a "au.preset" file with fewer bands (for example 8 bands) over a setting with 10 bands, then bands 9 and 10 remain from the previous file.

If this could be resolved, that would be great.

HostingAU is a super convenient and simple way to implement PEQ and to compare PEQ settings! I appreciate the efforts to create and maintain this excellent simple DAW!

Thanks in advance.

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Post Fri Dec 11, 2020 3:21 am


I've recreated the above issue exactly with Hosting AU, however quickly with Live too. So my most assumption is that the issue exists inside AUNBandEQ. Wish I can talk directly with who's developing it, and may have more options to resolve it...

I see another issue too indeed, the band on/off buttons are loaded as saved, but in the EQ curve display, early 8 bands are un-clickable.

All I can think of atm from a host side is to add a feature to reload plugin in some way instantly, hmm...

Thanks for your kind word by the way!

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