Not seeing how Hypercyclic thinks - can't get a sound outta it!

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Post Fri May 28, 2021 3:37 am

Dear Anyone.

OK, I'm not good at VSTs - yet! I wanted something that would arpeggiate a note produced by MIDI. So I GOOGLED and found Hypercyclic. When I installed it, I thought - logically - it would be an insert effect - you'd have a stave - I use MIDI notation - with an instrument on it, you'd put a note on the stave, the instrument would play the note and the Hypercyclic Insert Effect - I know it's not one but this was my thinking before I installed it - would arpeggiate the sound.

But it's coming up as an instrument, not as an insert effect. I know it CAN work because the standalone version makes noise. But I'm totally stumped as to how to get my VST instrument's sound INTO it so it can arpeggiate the output. I've tried doing exactly as the manual says - before you ask! - and no joy no how.

Surely it would've been much more logical to design this thing as an insert effect? As it's NOT, anyone able to help me get noise out of it? Please? Or does anyone know of a 32-bit arpeggiator insert effect anywhere (that would be preferable but I can't find one!)

Yours puzzledly


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Post Fri May 28, 2021 5:36 am

In the upper left corner where it says midi in choose - VST /AU host

And a little further down where it says Midi Out choose - VST host

And remember to place Hypercyclic before the synth on the same rack.

That's how it works in my main daw Mulab.
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