Hosting AU - manual type entry for tempo/BPM? Slider is inaccurate

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Hi there -

I love using Hosting AU as a lightweight way for me to play some virtual instruments without having to open up a bloated DAW. However one thing that I can't figure out is how to specify an exact BPM/tempo. The slider isn't accurate enough for me to set a specific tempo. For example I am trying to set the BPM to 118, however whenever I move the slider I only have a choice for 117 or 120. No matter how hard I try or whichever modifier key I press (shift, option, control) I never can move the slider in smaller increments.

When I try to double click on the BPM number, there is no way to manually type in a BPM.

Is this just not possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi tu11ym0n,

It's a concept out of "not to be bloated" indeed, but an old concept. Should be updated in some way.

Here's a hack or work around for now. (I doubt if it's convenient enough, in case if it helps.)

- Save your session from File -> Save As menu.
- Open the saved file (with .hosting extension) with TextEdit app.
- You'll find a number that looks like telling a BPM.
- Edit there as you like, save it. Reopen the file with Hosting AU!


Thank you for your response. Good to know there’s a workaround :)

Thanks for all you do!


junojux wrote: Sun Aug 22, 2021 1:34 am Should be updated in some way.
I've also been hoping this would be improved. Hosting AU is still my favourite for sound design :)

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