External drum pads (MIDI)

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How can I read a MIDI to USB cable, using MUlab?
I built an electronic drum using arduino and the output is MIDI.

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http://www.drealm.info/mu.lab/AppMovie- ... 257623.mp4

This part needs doing once per MIDI device:
* Run Mulab and start a new project
* Click "Mulab" and choose "MIDI Setup"
* Click the dropdown by a free "Input Port" and choose the MIDI device
* If you need to set an output, do that here, too
* Click "OK" on the form

You'll need to do this to turn MIDI into sound:
* Make sure you've got a track with a Synth module of some sort in the rack it's targeting

This part may need doing if you want to do things other than the defaults
* Right-click the track and choose "Choose Target Module"
* From the subsequent popup, choose the rack

To capture MIDI input
* Click the Record button
* Generate some MIDI on your controller
* Click the Stop button

You'll then have a sequence part on track which you can edit by double-clicking it.

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