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Before i buy the ipad version i’d like to know if i can export presets and patterns created on the ipad to my pc to use in FL studio?


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Post Tue Dec 07, 2021 3:37 am

Hi wilhelm101,

yes, is possible via iCloud synchronization. To sync DrumComputer across your devices, launch Settings. Then tap your Apple ID banner, tap iCloud and ensure iCloud sync permission for DrumComputer is enabled.

After that head over to your DrumComputer iOS version and launch the Settings Tab.
Under Advanced Preferences choose iCloud, tap iCloud and set iCloud to On.

Once activated, presets you save in the DrumComputer iOS version are synced automatically to your iCloudDrive. Which means it automatically saves the presets into iCloudDrive/DrumComputer/Presets/User

Now to share a preset from your DrumComputer iOS version to your computer, you’ll need to drag and drop or copy/paste the preset from:
~/Documents/Sugar Bytes/DrumComputer/Presets/User

~ means: /Users/YOURLOGINNAME (your home folder)

The content for both devices will follow the same folder structure.
So to use your own samples, engine presets, mappings, noises and so on you will also need to share it by saving it into the respective folder.

Note that in the desktop version path for Samples there might be no default User folder.
So you first have to create a User folder in
~/Documents/Sugar Bytes/DrumComputer/Samples/

and then copy your own samples by saving it into the User folder there (or just make sure to copy the whole Samples User folder from the iCloud version to the Desktop path).
Do the same for Wavetables, Noises...

After a restart of DrumComputer the presets will then automatically appear in the User folder of the preset browser.

Please note that creating and then reading out a subfolder is technically not possible.


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