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Sugar Bytes
Sugar Bytes GmbH, Greifswalder Str. 29, 10405 Berlin, Germany

We founded Sugar Bytes to produce and provide better tools for all our friends in music.

Better sounding, better looking audio software that's easier to use and cheaper to get than everything that's out there. Just great products that can do more stuff with less buttons, that have more features with less instructions, that are simply more fun and less expensive.

Sugar Bytes Tools should save you time and money while providing more creative freedom and inspiring everybody to make more music. Because music is the sugar in the coffee of life.

Products by Sugar Bytes

Latest reviews of Sugar Bytes products

Reviewed By elviecho
December 3rd, 2021

This thing is crazy! I had fun for hours while studying it's possibilities. What a toy!
For me there are two ways to use it: First is to click "make new kit" and the pattern dice and to drag out this completely randomized pattern into my DAW. Then I use this as a starting point for inspiration.
Second way is to use all the great possibilities to make a drum kit and a drum track from scratch.
There are so much ways to create/shape every single sound. All packed into a wondeful GUI, easy to understand and pure fun to use. The sounds are clear but in my opinion often very aggressive in the mids,
so, the first thing I do before I use Drumcomputer, is to put a presetted EQ after it.
You have to accept that this thing is not made to get some real acoustic sounding drums out of it but it is my first choice for electronic drums and for quick sketching a drumtrack.
The only thing I wonder about is why it's not possible to automate the drum pattern dice in the sequencer...??
That would be great for live performances. But anyway, 5 overall stars from me.

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Reviewed By manyoungpoor
August 7th, 2020

SugarBytes has developed an assortment of great plugins, this program should be included on that list. It's a beast. It may be overwhelming at first but it's capabilities are wonderful.

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Reviewed By zippy731
December 10th, 2019

I bought this at launch, and played with it all weekend. Sugarbytes has really outdone themselves!

DrumComputer's synth module is highly versatile, but the real jewel is the randomizer/sequencer. Not just random junk to plod through to find a good lick here or there. Random beats are structured properly, and instantly groove with onboard sounds, or routed out to your own samples. Demo this right away, you will not regret.

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Reviewed By capracan
December 2nd, 2019

Das ist wirklich unglaublich geil, was Sugar Bytes hier gekocht hat.

Wer den Coder dahinter etwas kennt weiß um sein fable für complexe Synths, die sich in seinen Plugins widerspiegeln. Mit Aparillo, welch seltsamer Name, hat der Code-Künstler einen cineastischen-textural-formant-FM Synth erschaffen, der sich ohne Tutorial zwar experimentell gut bedienen lässt, aber erst nach etwas Übung auch spezifische Sounds erzeugen kann. Der Aha-Effekt bleibt beim probieren nicht aus.

Die Presets überzeugen spontan und durch die Leichtigkeit diese zu verändern, macht es anfänglich schon einen "heidenspaß". Nach dem kurzweiligen studieren der Möglichkeiten kann man kaum noch die Finger davon lassen. Der Orbiter lässt den Sound, in einer 3D anmutenden Matrix zu allen Effekten zuordnen. Die Effekte sind Reverb, Delay, Filter, das bloße aufzählen ist hier keinesfalls abwertend gemeint. Von Sugar Bytes ist man Qualität gewohnt.

Der Arpeggiator ist fantastisch, wer hat schon mal von "chaotisch-kollidierende Rhytmik" gehört?

Ich will nicht zu viel verraten nur...Enjoy that as Demo und lass dich überzeugen.

Bis 5.12.2019 kost alles 20€ weniger .



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Reviewed By Sinisterbr
November 30th, 2019

Largelly underrated synth! The Factory sound has a weight and presence like very few synths I know, and all the modulation and FX possibilites make it even more alive and organic. Yes, it has a very distinct character of its own, but this synth really stands out in quality and usefullness for me. It's not meant to do everything, but it shines in what it's proposed to be.

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Reviewed By achtnullacht
November 29th, 2019

for me it's a fantastic instrument like no other.

+ the overall sound is fantastic.

+ Unique: the orbit section makes fun as hell.

+ the presets are very inspiring.

+ gui is resizeable.

- no preset browser window.

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Reviewed By dr_epf
November 28th, 2019

Many exciting features (like random intervention), but too week in sound quality. Just a few patches provided. A lot to improve for Sugar-Bytes.-

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Reviewed By BONES
August 25th, 2019

Aparillo is a strange and wonderful beast. It's an interesting take on a well established form of synthesis - FM. Like the classic DX-7, it uses sine waves to modulate one-another to create complex, rich timbres. But where the DX-7 had 8 operators, each with it's own multi-stage envelope, Aparillo uses just 4 operators that share a single ADSR envelope. It's relatively easy to wrap your head around so if you have a bit of an understanding of FM synthesis, you won't have any trouble making a few basic patches with that distinctive FM edge to them. But that's just the start of what Aparillo has to offer because it has 16 copies of this set-up ready for you to modulate and sequence in amazing ways.

The UI gives away the main game - the prominence of the LFOs in the centre of the interface tells you straight away that they are central to what Aparillo can do. Crucially, the interaction of the LFOs adds unique qualities to the results you get from this instrument. The LFOs are used to offset the 16 voices to provide anything from a subtly shifting thickness to the sound or complete mayhem. Add in a simple sequencer that plays off what's happening with the LFOs, sequencing each of the 16 voices in turn, and you've got yourself an absolute monster of a synth. But that's still not the end of it.

Lastly we have the Orbit, which is a dynamic, visual tool for provoking even more modulation/mutation of the sound. It consists of 16 widgets for each of the modulatable parameters, including some effects parameters, plus the Orbiter, which is the control element. As you move the Orbiter around it connects with different parameter widgets and as it gets closer to a widget, the amount of modulation on that parameter increases. You can record the movement of the Orbiter to create a patch that morphs over time in a very natural, organic way or you can set it up statically to add an extra layer of modulation to any parameter(s).

As I mentioned, there are also effects - a filter, a delay, a reverb, a panner and a spatialiser effect that can do some pretty cool things. The effects sound great but they lack a lot of control. e.g. You can't control the delay feedback, which is set quite high, so it's not always useful. They have their uses, though, and as their controls can be modulated, they add a bit extra to the sound design process.

Aparillo is a great synth but it is not without it's limitations. There are a few missing modulation sources. It would be nice to see aftertouch included in a future update, as well as maybe a few key MIDI CCs to add more hands-on control. As it stands, though, there is still plenty of scope for making lots of unique, amazing sounds. It's probably not going to be anybody's go-to synth but when you're after something weird and whacky, it could be just the thing. BTW, the blurb reads like it might be a monosynth but it's not, it also has a polyphonic mode where you can play chords and get all 16 voices per note.

EDIT: I changed the rating to 5 stars when I realised that the Orbit section allows you to add a second modulation source to any or all parameters. I also changed the text to highlight this.

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