Solution when Sugar Bytes installation does not see Presets for Standard Account

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Post Mon Dec 27, 2021 4:59 pm

Just picked up 4 Sugar Bytes products during the recent sales: Egoist, Factory, Thesys and Consequence. To my chagrin, I could not find the Presets/content for every product I installed- LFO-filtered yikes! So, I spent a lot of time on this; went through several possibilities...even started hacking the registry. Look away! And that was the final straw...surely there was a common denominator in all of this that led to a correct/usable installation solution for Sugar Bytes sugar, using a Standard Windows account. Note: and Admin Windows account is not congruent; has all the of the reasons why it is not recommended to be used online, et al.

FYI: typically, I simply install AS ADMINISTRATOR from my standard Windows account. However, the Sugar Bytes products will place the Presets/content in the C:\Users\ADMIN_ACCOUNT_NAME\Doments folders. Then it cannot be seen or used by the standard account user, afterwards. So, when the Standard account user pulls up the app, no Presets/content exists...maximum drag! This work-around is a clean and easy way to get your Standard Windows account to hook up with Sugar Bytes products.

OK, so that's the backdrop; the story, man...

:arrow: Here is the solution for those using a STANDARD Windows account, to install Sugar Bytes sugar:

SUMMARY: we're changing the USERNAME account type; installing; and changing the USERNAME account type back to its original state. Easy stuff!

1) BEFORE installing, change the Windows Account TYPE to Administrator via the Control Panel- User Accounts -Change Account Type menus. (Don't worry, we'll be changing it back to Standard, and don't bug out- this is easy to do and switch back.)

2) Install Sugar Bytes product(s) using this USERNAME account; the one you just changed. (Congratulations, you are now and Administrator...for a few minutes.) Now, it will place the Presets/content in your USERNAME Documents folder in Windows; where it needs to be.

3) Switch your USERNAME account back to Standard account.

Sa-weet! :o :D :party: :tu: :phones:
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