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Post Wed Apr 20, 2022 3:52 pm

As my first project has evolved, I thought it was time to introduce some "Live Dub" techniques to the show.

With this in mind I tried to map the first 3 vertical faders of my Novation Impulse 49 to the gain sliders of my first 3 device racks.

This I did by right clicking the gain slider in question, selecting "Map Midi Mapping", Ensuring that the "Listen to Midi" was enabled, tweaking the physical slider to set the Source" and pressing OK.

This seems to work with one proviso: a device panel must be selected/highlighted before the associated physical slider will have any effect on the "linked" gain slider. It's possible to work round this, but when you are in the depths of a "Live Dub", you really don't want to be grabbing the mouse and single clicking on a device panel before each physical change to a slider.

I freely admit, that I may be doing something wrong here, apologies if so. Any clues, anyone?
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Post Sat Apr 23, 2022 2:09 am

Please see this doc page: ... llers.html
Specifically the sections "MIDI Mapping Location" and "Project-Wide MIDI Mappings".
So if you want to map MIDI controllers that always work independent from the MIDI focus then put them on project level. Does this work for you?

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