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My problem is a quite strange one... I have a pair of 80 ohm dt770pros which I use basically all day with my MacBook Pro 14in. In order to put a systemwide equalizer on the Mac, ,I use BlackHole paired with Hosting AU, where I use the AUNbandEQ. Here is where my problems begin. If as audio output I use 'external headphones' the sound of the headphones is perfectly fine, since the Mac recognises the impedance of and delivers enough power to drive them, however when I pass the audio through BlackHole, the headphones don't get enough power and they sound empty and not loud enough. How can this be solved?

It must be noted that I put the volume of external headphones all the way up before passing it through hosting AU and then modulate the volume as normal with blackhole so that max volume blackhole = max volume external headphones. The thing is that the MacBook Pro 14 inch has an adjustable voltage range output on the 3.5mm jack depending on the ohm value of the headphones you plug in. Being mine 80 ohms it draws more volts than when powering a regular 32 ohms one. I fear that passing the audio from hosting AU is making it so that the Mac does not detect the ohm value of the headphones and powering them in the 'normal' way.


Hi there,

I have no idea indeed since the handling of the impedance is done inside/under CoreAudio afaik. So from Hosting AU, no way to control it, and nothing specifically is done for it instead to say.

What happens if any other host app is used?

Thank you!

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