HostingAU consumes too much memory

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i'm using hosting au every day.
it's a pretty cool program.

using while long days, hosting au consumes huge memory over 40GB!

this is a screen shot of activity monitor.
スクリーンショット 2022-06-20 17.37.14.png
please free resources when memory low or periodically.

my env
macOS 11.6.6
Hosting AU v1.5.0

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Hi there,

Thank you for your report. Does this issue occur with any plugin running together? Is it a particular plugin, or not?

Also, do you use MIDI, and/or external audio input?


i'm not sure this issue occurs with any plugin. i only have 2 plugins.
i use EWI USB and IFW. and both plugins causes this issue with single use.
and i use midi input from EWI USB.





Thank you for your reply :)

First off, I've uploaded a beta version, Hosting AU v1.5.1b now. You can get it from here:

A small fix is now applied for the MIDI input indicator. This fix aims the fontd leaking issue originally. Since EWI uses MIDI (input) too, I think this version will be better sure to test with, or at least it works as same as the current release version.

Also another update is included: buffer-size = 14 option (for the enthusiasts).

Anyways, please let me know if this version fixes the issue.

But I guess not. because I'm seeing memory leaks from IFW on console. (FYI, Activity Monitor tells the total memory usage of Hosting AU + all the plugins launched altogether.)

The errors overall are typical "UI API called from background thread Group". If you can tell it to the author of IFW, please do so.

And I still don't test EWI Area plugin yet, nor I still don't reproduce the issue exactly.

Well, I'll wait your next reply.



thank you for providing us the beta version.

i've been tried the v1.5.1b for a week and did the same usage so far.
(1 hour practice every day and never shutdown the app w/ plugins ARIA and IFW)

memory usage now
スクリーンショット 2022-07-12 11.54.14.png
it's about 10GB in spite of the long term use.
i think your fix worked out pretty well.
i’m highly satisfied!

but the memory usage is still increasing as you mentioned before,
i'll try to test the app w/o IFW from now.

anyway, thank you so much!
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i used the beta hosting au w/o IFW for a week.

the result was

スクリーンショット 2022-07-18 19.24.14.png

there is no memory leak.

all the bad things are IFW.
40GB -> 10GB was placebo effect my environmental reason?

  • the previous version hosting au has no issue about memory leaks.
  • memory leak source is IFW
sorry for the fuss. :dog:

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.


Thank you for your reports!

The memory leak by IFW is sure to fix. So I'll wait their fix though, I still don't get if it fixes the issue fully or partially.

Meanwhile, other than the display of the memory usage, any audio or any other (I mean any) issue was there?


do you mean about beta?
i used it every day, it's perfect :tu:

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