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Post Thu Jun 30, 2022 7:08 am

Just bought Thesys after an evaluation period. I am really struggling to understand the purpose of the Pattern Sequencer Playback Speed parameter.

I would expect the pattern sequencer to work like any other Song mode or pattern chaining feature. You enter the pattern you want. When playback has completed the first pattern, it advances to the the next pattern in sequencer! The repetitions feature in Thesys is nice, but...

The playback speed parameter really seems to muck this up badly. Let's say I have a 12 step pattern. I want it to play once and then advance to the next pattern in the sequence. Because playback steps are all in multiples of 4, this doesn't seem possible. If I set playback speed to 16 steps, it plays pattern one and one third times before switching. Yikes. Please help me understand this!

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Post Mon Jul 04, 2022 5:12 am

Hi Magpel,

unfortunately, the pattern sequencer of Thesys can't do that. However, the best way is to start / stop Thesys with MIDI events.The Thesys sequencer has three trigger modes and in general, the MIDI that is send to Thesys will be used to trigger the patterns, the pitch keys and the action section of Thesys. With trigger mode to 'Note On', it should start the patterns when playing C1 (Pattern 1), C#1(Pattern2) and so on. This way you can just fire up Thesy's sequencer and change between the desired patterns with a long MIDI note of a respective pattern in order to let the Thesys pattern start playing and stop with the release at the exact location you want.


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Post Wed Jul 06, 2022 6:56 am

Hi Nadine, thanks for the reply. Well, I guess I didn't evaluate fully enough. It boggles the mind that normal song mode is so complicated by this Playback Speed parameter, and it renders Thesys pattern sequencer pretty useless in odd time signatures--which, otherwise, Thesys is tailor made for!!

I really wish playback speed be disabled and the pattern sequencer would play patterns "as described" in the pattern itself. Very hard to understand why it doesn't.

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